Are You Being Challenged To Change?

Last night I attended a Louisville Bowspring class, and got to chat with the instructor a few minutes afterward. She’s someone who’s taught yoga for years and had quite a following locally, yet when she started following her intuition and introducing ideas and practices that her students and community weren’t used to, they started to look at her differently and withdraw.

She then faced a challenge — whether to pioneer forward into the “uncertain territory” she felt drawn to, or to remain with the practice and accolades she currently enjoyed.

Which would you choose?

Fortunately for the new community which has sprung up around her and greatly benefited, and for her spirit which clearly now loves the direction she’s heading, she chose to pioneer and step forward into the “unknown”.

Change can be challenging because it does bring us into new territory, and sometimes those around us don’t understand and feel threatened or frightened by the change they see in us.

Nevertheless, as we step forward with courage and trust into the unknown, we can become part of creating something wonderfully new.

Are you being challenged to change?

Would love to hear your own insights and experiences in the comments below!

P.S. Want further encouragement and an example of how I myself navigated change that involved my very identity as a physician? You may enjoy reading: Is Your Identity Holding You Back?

How To Invite When You’re Not Yet “At The Top” Yourself

Here’s a key tip for those of you expanding a home business or marketing online, and particularly those of you in a networking business where you invite people to partner with you. The question is, how do you invite people to join you when you’re not “at the top” yet yourself?

Two words: vision and commitment, and a”Climbing Mt Everest” example that’s greatly assisted me.


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Fun Video Montage from Paris

Ben Paris Leader75

For those of you who might enjoy this “personal” glimpse of a business from home that can expand internationally, here’s a video montage I put together from my first trip to Paris & Lyon a few years ago, experiencing the gift of a business that opens up connections with people we might otherwise have never known, with wonderful places and experiences and the ability to touch many lives…and be touched by them.

This is the kind of fun, freedom, and experience I’m passionate to assist you to create as well.


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How To Create Your Future — “Future Letter” Exercise

Are you seeking to create another level of excellence, achievement, business growth, or other “results” in the coming year?

Here’s an intriguing exercise I discovered in the Zanders’ book The Art of Possibility that I applied to the business arena — and the experience was very profound and personal. It’s a whole new way to look at goal-setting for the coming year, and can complement the more “traditional” methods, bringing your whole being, and who you want to become, into play.

Those I’ve shared this “future letter” exercise with have found it inspired them to write their own letter. So now I’m sharing this intriguing exercise with you.

Enjoy creating your own future, and who you’re choosing to become this year, and feel free to share your own experiences, results, or a link to your own video in the comments below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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How To Get Your Subconscious to Work For You

Want a quick tip for getting more done with less effort? Here’s a bonus that’s had a profound impact in my own life and could make a key difference for you. This is a fun way to get your subconscious mind to work for you so you can manifest with more ease and with less dependence on raw willpower.

Try it today — and let me know your own experiences in the comments below.


How Do Others Feel After They Interact With You?

Here’s a tribute to a key mentor and something very special I observed and learned from him that we can all put into practice to bless others, surround ourselves with possibility, and create a life we love.

Whether you’re working with patients, clients or customers, business partners, family, ministry partners, a home business, or any other arena where you interact with people, here’s a key question to ask:

How do others feel after they interact with you?

May Mayer’s example be an inspiration to us all.

P.S. Is there someone in your life who’s been an example and inspiration to you? Feel free to share your own stories and tributes in the comments below. If you’ve created your own video tribute, would love to see it!

Goals Day 9 — Until…

Today we wrap up this daily series on Goals, or How To Create What You Want With More Ease, with Day 9 — Cultivating the trait of “Until…” This one trait builds powerfully on all the ones that have come before.

To your success!


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Goals Day 6 on How To Create A Life You Love

Today we move deeper — from the conscious to the subconscious mind — beginning with a key practice that impacts how we see, and what we ultimately attract and experience, in our business and our lives.

I look forward to hearing your own comments, questions, and experiences below.