Are your mitochondria healthy?

From exercise to fasting to cold plunging, people are trying all kinds of things to support these little “engines” in our cells, called mitochondria, that make ATP and basically supply the energy for everything our cells do, from brain function to heart and muscle function and even tissue healing.

Everything requires energy, and at the cellular level, energy starts with our mitochondria.

But did you know that as we age, our mitochondria decrease in number and in efficiency? Kind of like a car engine that gets less efficient year after year. And just like that car engine, we want to give our mitochondria a regular “tune up” so they can function at their best – which means we function at our best!

Here’s a little clip about a key way Rachelle and I have found to support our mitochondria, and what that’s meant for us.

Feel free to share with a friend or loved one who could benefit, too, and reach out with questions or leave a comment below! Enjoy!

Foggy thinking, poor sleep, not at your best? Try this!

Recently I created a brand new video for any of you that ever have foggy thinking, poor sleep, or don’t feel at your best.

One big factor could be excess levels of cortisol from chronic stress, which virtually all of us experience these days, and which can have a profound impact on our mood, sleep, metabolism, ability to function, and even our weight, immune function, and menstrual symptoms for women.

In case you’d like to see it (it’s just 6 mins), here’s the video and the solution I’ve found that combines 5 ingredients from nature in a convenient capsule:

Ready to try this natural stress solution yourself? It could make a significant difference for you, and I look forward to hearing your own experience!