Live Better Longer — An Invitation to Experience ageLoc Youth

I am so excited to be able to share this with you all — the culmination of years of collaboration to create a solution that’s already changing lives, and made a profound difference for myself and Rachelle beyond anything that’s come before. Blessings, and enjoy!

If you’d like to learn more, you can visit how Youth works.

Quick Weekend Energy Tips

Taking a quick break between projects to send you a note for
the weekend.

First, a quick energy tip: take a brisk 20 minute walk –- in
the fresh air and sunshine if available –- sometime today.

Second, if you want to feel refreshed right now, stand up, close
your eyes and relax your shoulders, and then take 5 deep breaths…

…in through your nose…

…and out through your mouth.

Then “jiggle” your shoulders, arms, and body for a few moments
(think of jello)…

Lastly, swing your arms backward and forward at your sides (like
a skier) as you slightly bend your knees when your arms go forward,
and then straighten them as your arms swing back.

Feel refreshed?

Remember, you can do this anytime you want without taking
significant time from your day yet adding significantly to your
focus and productivity, as well as maximizing how you feel.

Now for a couple resources for your weekend — if you haven’t seen
them yet, below are two videos (the last 2 blog posts):

the first one is “fun” and will get you smiling and likely moving
(from a train station in Europe)

and the second is more “serious” with some key thoughts on failure
and the use of our imagination — from J.K. Rowling, though I bet
you’ll also get some good chuckles and learn not to take yourself
too seriously in the first few minutes…

Enjoy, and have a blessed weekend!

Dr. Ben