What if you could get more return on your action?

Here’s a “different” perspective on “action” I learned a few years ago on my entrepreneurial journey, plus a couple tips on how to turn this into results with greater and greater ease.

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How To Create Your Future — “Future Letter” Exercise

Are you seeking to create another level of excellence, achievement, business growth, or other “results” in the coming year?

Here’s an intriguing exercise I discovered in the Zanders’ book The Art of Possibility that I applied to the business arena — and the experience was very profound and personal. It’s a whole new way to look at goal-setting for the coming year, and can complement the more “traditional” methods, bringing your whole being, and who you want to become, into play.

Those I’ve shared this “future letter” exercise with have found it inspired them to write their own letter. So now I’m sharing this intriguing exercise with you.

Enjoy creating your own future, and who you’re choosing to become this year, and feel free to share your own experiences, results, or a link to your own video in the comments below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Goals Day 7 How to Raise Your Internal State

Goals Day 7 How to cultivate — and raise — your internal state, with two key questions to ask yourself daily.

Have fun with this — the results can be profound.

Goals Day 6 on How To Create A Life You Love

Today we move deeper — from the conscious to the subconscious mind — beginning with a key practice that impacts how we see, and what we ultimately attract and experience, in our business and our lives.

I look forward to hearing your own comments, questions, and experiences below.



How To Leverage The Unseen To Create What You Want With More Ease

So as we’re beginning a new year and resetting our goals and
commitments for the year, here’s a thought from Dr. William
Tiller that can greatly increase our leverage and effectiveness
in turning our actions into desired results:

The unseen is always the parent of the seen.


What does this mean?

How many times have you felt the weight of having to do all
the work to create your goals — and felt the big “gap”
between where you are now, and where you want to be?

What if you could leverage a dynamic power source — kind of
like riding a wave — so that your action still mattered, but
now your action was simply cooperating with something greater
that was already set in motion on your behalf?

This is the power of recognizing the connection between our
mental picture, our internal state, and our actions.

One of my key mentors over the years, Jerry Clark, has shared
that our goals and timeframes are for our conscious mind, but
our subconscious mind exists outside of time. The clearer the
picture we impress upon our subconscious mind, the more people,
ideas, resources, even “vehicles” show up in our lives that
can support us in realizing that picture.

Of course, this means we’re also acting and taking steps to
move forward each day, but now rather than our action doing
all the “heavy lifting” from scratch to “make something happen”,
now our action is lighter, easier, and even more fun — because
it’s cooperating with and even “reaping” what’s already been
set in motion in the “unseen.”

Too far out?

How about experimenting with this beginning today — rather than
rushing into action, take some moments to listen, imagine, and
create in the unseen — perhaps with music, out in nature,
with your journal, or simply in quiet contemplation when you
awake, as you fall asleep, or during a break during the day.

This is how my wife Rachelle and I have created the life
we’re living and enjoying today, and we’re still learning
and growing in the process.

Next pay attention to what shows up as you take the steps you
can take to move forward today.

Enjoy, and feel free to share your own experiences in the
comments below!


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Creating Your Future A Few Minutes A Day

Took a moment during a break with family to share these quick tips on creating new results in just a few minutes a day. Special thanks to the “cameraman” – my wife, Rachelle! Enjoy!

5 Keys for Networking…and For Life

While driving home from a networking event the other night and reflecting on my experiences of the evening, I thought about the 5 key tips below.  I quickly jotted them down in my notebook before going to sleep, then filled them in over the next couple days as a reminder to myself…and to those of you on the path of life with me — here you go:

1)  Be Yourself — you fill a unique space in the universe. No one else can be you.  Your story and your journey add another unique hue to the rainbow of stories being created, and will have a unique impact on others’ lives.  Owning your own value and becoming comfortable with yourself is a great starting point for connecting with others, and in itself is a gift to those around you.

2)  Develop Yourself — continually invest in and develop yourself.  Always be learning, practicing, & developing new insights & skills as you master your craft & the arena you’ve chosen to play in.  This practice will build your self-confidence, effectiveness, and the tangible value you can contribute to others.

3)  Connect & Contribute Value — become a person of value — someone who’s interested in others and sincerely seeking to add value to their lives, even if simply by noticing & affirming them.

Asking this simple question, “What can I contribute to this person’s life (or business) today?” is powerful.  The answer may simply be a listening ear, a warm acknowledgement – a sense, as I heard Dave Blanchard mention recently, that “you matter” — or it could be something tangible such as a referral, a book or resource, or a practical tip or idea.

4)  Invite with Abandon — this one is key to network marketers, but also applies to anyone who’s looking to invite partners or followers to an event, experience, or cause.  There is a certain freedom to opening a door of possibility for people and then letting them decide whether they want to walk through.

5)  Be unattached & joyful — this one complements #4 — being “unattached” to how a person will respond enables you to be joyful & continue moving forward regardless of potential disappointments or unexpected negativity, and a joyful attitude is always uplifting and attractive.  In addition, people appreciate having their own freedom and autonomy honored, and that can actually draw them closer to you rather than pushing them away.

Finally, here’s a “Bonus” tip:

**Be Appreciative**

This tip alone will serve you both in life and business and especially in relating to people.  Being appreciative is something you can practice just like a golf swing.  Begin with your attitude and the words you say to yourself, and then extend this practice to the words and attitude you share with others.  Being appreciative will put you in a state that’s attractive and a joy to be around…and no matter what, you’ll feel better…which is what all of us are seeking daily, anyway — to feel good about ourselves and others.

So there you have it — five keys and a bonus one for networking and all of life.

Which one do you choose to focus on today?