Are Protein Shakes Good For You?

Ever wondered whether protein shakes were “good” for you? I imagine we’ve all tried them at one time or another.

In today’s video, my wife Rachelle gives what you might find is a slightly “different” way of looking at the answer, and she shares a bit more of what we do daily. Enjoy!

Breakthrough Natural Solution That Could Change Your Life

I’m more excited about this than anything I’ve shared before — Enjoy!

Ryan Higgins’ Mind Movies–Shift How You Feel In Minutes and Accelerate Your Results In Any Area Of Your Life

This is it…

Here you go…the best tool I’ve found so far for magnifying
and accelerating your visualizations…and in fact, taking
them “outside” of you and reflecting them back to you, so even
someone who’s not good at “visualizing” can have great success
focusing on what they’re wanting rather than continuing to
get stuck in the way things are right now.

Learn all about this wonderful tool–called “Mind Movies” from
Ryan Higgins, by clicking here
.  (and see 4-7-09 update below).

The product is excellent–walks you through the
process of creating your own mind movie step-by-step, and you can
also download and access several mind movies for free right
away (on health, money, relationships, and more–6 areas in total)

I used one of the “generic” ones above for about a month and felt
the power of it…then when I created my own below, the feelings
I experienced jumped through the roof.  (You won’t have the
same experience because many of the pictures below are personal
to me…but you’ll get the idea).

Once again, check out Ryan’s Mind Movies and free downloads here,
then enjoy my own mind movie below…my favorite part is the final
portion where the music shifts, beginning with “I have amazing

Ryan even has a really cool tool where my mind movie can be
playing full-screen in the background while I’m doing other
work on the computer!

Imagine what could happen between now and Christmas if you make
your own mind movie this weekend!


Dr. Ben

P.S. Click on the rectangle at lower right above to view full screen…enjoy, then
go make your own mind movie here.

**Update 4-7-09:  Use the link above to get your own pre-made mind-movies,
then visit the digital download version of the kit here.  For the time being,
the entire kit is available at a 75% discount as a digital download–works great
if you don’t have dial-up and don’t mind not having the actual DVDs.  Enjoy!

Healthy Weight Loss

Okay, I know this is a big issue for many, and there’s tons of information, ideas, and products promising all kinds of results.

So here I’ll share a few key thoughts with you, and then refer you to two powerful programs that have made a big difference for people I’ve known or coached.

First, let’s start with a couple assumptions. I’m going to assume that:

1) You’re reading this because you want to lose weight.

2) You want to do so in a healthy way.

3) You want to feel good and even “enjoy” the process if possible

4) You want the results to last

Does that sound like what you’re looking for?

Okay, well right off the bat, let’s shift your focus.

From now on, don’t focus on “losing weight.”

Focus rather on the way you want to feel.

Do you want to feel energetic, enthusiastic about your life, and great about how you look?

All right, terrific!

Let’s start there.

Develop a mental picture, and a feeling, of how you want to look and feel.

Start to imagine that, live in that, and celebrate already how good it feels.

Next, find something you can use as an emotional “anchor” to immediately “tune into” whenever you’re feeling “blah” and wanting to eat just because you don’t feel good about anything else at the moment.

Find something to get excited about.

Maybe it’s a book you’re reading, a business you’re starting, a new hobby, music you love, or a new relatiionship.

The key here is to choose something that you can consciously use to “feel better” instantly, and that’s not dependent on someone else’s behavior.

So if what’s exciting you is a relationship or friendship, choose something that makes you feel good–writing a note, giving a compliment, making a friendly reocmmendation–and that’s not dependent on the other person’s repsonse, but rather where the good feeling you get on your end is complete in itself.

Okay, we got side-tracked on the relationship tangent for a moment…

Now, some have called this practice “flip-switching”–learning to shift your focus and thereby “flip a switch” to feel better instantaneously.

And this works best when you already have something picked out ahead of time that makes you feel good…so whenver the “blah’s” come on, you can immediately think of that and “tune in” to better feelings again.

Okay, now for a couple physical steps:

1) Practice savoring your food, and how good you feel and the energy you gain as you focus on “quality” and savoring rather than mere quantity. For more on this, and a couple pracitcal examples, listen to the 10 minute audio here.

2) Along these same lines, practice eating less at any one time–stop a little before you’re full. And you can make this easier by knowing you can eat again in a little while if you really want to…

This practice will give your body a chance to register what you’ve just eaten–often you’ll feel fuller in a few minutes even without eating anything more, and especially once your attention gets shifted to something you’re interested in—and eating smaller amounts more frequently rather than large amounts all at once can be a great trigger to rev up your body’s metabolism or rate of calorie burning and energy production.

A great tip from the FatLoss4Idiots guide (which I recommend below) is this: the next time you’re at a restaurant, take home half your meal or at least your dessert, and eat it a couple hours later. That way you spread your calories out and again trigger your metabolism to burn rather than store…

Now, before I recommend a couple great tools, you want to be sure to anchor “the one key barrier you must release to heal” from lesson two of the 7 day free e-course Your Road Map to Health With Dr. Ben . If you don’t, you can get caught up in the frenzy of chasing after one weight loss fad after another without ever achieving the internal peace and external results you’re seeking.

In fact, most peole will never need anything beyond what’s contained on this page, and the resources pointed to here, if they really take to heart and apply what they learn here, and especially if they build this on a complete foundational wellness program.

Remember, this is all about changing your patterns with daily practice to create a new…and lasting…result.

So now for the tools, or “programs”.

The first is purely “informational”, but I call it a “tool”, because it really equips you with practical steps, and even a complete 11 day meal plan if you wish, to begin shifting your metabolism and releasing unwanted weight. (And the meal plan is customizable from a list of foods with a special online “calculator” that’s fun and easy to use—the “calculator” does the work for you.)

The program is called FatLoss4Idiots. It’s very reasonably priced—just a one time purchase, and is something you can learn and use right away to make a difference in your weight and how you feel this week. (You have an option to get a more “complete” package at the time of purchase, and that’s what I’d recommend—the extra tips and guidelines you get for a few extra bucks are well worth it and are easy to learn and apply.)

My only caveat is to avoid the artificial sweeteners and diet sodas mentioned in this program (these aren’t essential to the program, and are better avoided for other health reasons). You can read a further review of the program here.

Note: You’ll also learn something just from visiting the site.

I’ve gotten great feedback from people I’ve coached who’ve used this program, because they feel “in control” in a way they’ve never felt before, and the program is so simple and doable, you can get results right away.

If you’d like to read Natalie’s detailed comments and experience of the program, you can review her comments here.

The second program I recommend is a bit more “involved” and requires an ongoing monthly investment—but because of the money you save on food, and the extra “snacks” you’re no longer craving and therefore no longer spending money on, the feedback I’m getting is that most people come out about even dollar-wise with this program, too.

This second program is called “My Victory”, and before I send you to the site, here’s some info you’ll want to know.

First, My Victory comes from a very reputable nutritional company that I’ve marketed to pateints and coaching clients for years because of their excellent research and high quality control. The My Victory program itself uses all natural ingredients that balance your cravings and support a healthy metabolism and energy without any “controversial” factors.

The key ingredients are divided between the supplements and the shakes, so you get the most complete effect using both, but I know people who’ve gotten great results with just one or the other, too.

A unique factor about the My Victory program is that it also uses very fancy technology, normally only available in a specialized lab, to enable you to measure your personal calorie burn each day—just by wearing an armband and then hooking it up to a computer once a day.

So every day, you can actually see whether or not you’ve burned more calories than you’ve eaten or consumed, and you can celebrate a “victory” every day as you walk down a “weight-releasing” trend.

And the feedback I’m getting from My Victory users is that they’re losing weight without feeling cravings or feeling like they’re depriving themselves, and their energy level is great.

Lastly, My Victory has just partnered with a novel “podfitness” program where you can choose from a variety of trainers and download workouts–with your own music–to your i-pod to developo your own personalized fitness program each day.

To learn more aboutt My Victory you can visit . When you’re ready to register, just go here and follow the directions. Oh, you’ll likely be asked for a sponsor code. If someone has already referred you to this program, you can get a sponsor code from them. Otherwise, you can use US9479090.

So there you have it.

Remember to focus on how you want to feel.

Learn to live in the vision and good feeling of what you’re creating every day.

Learn the lesson of “the one key barrier you must release to heal” from lesson two of Your Road Map to Health With Dr. Ben.

Savor your food and divide your eating into smaller portions throughout the day.

Find an emotional “anchor” you can focus on to feel good in any moment.

And then if you’re ready for a specific “program” to further equip you on your weight-releasing and physique-enhancing journey, consider the excellent and fun to use FatLoss4Idiots program with it’s inexpensive one-time fee, or the My Victory program with it’s comprehensive support system. (Click on the “Get started” tab at upper right, and get a sponsor code from the person who referred you here, or use US9479090 if you don’t have one.)

With either program, you’ll be well on your way to looking good and feeling great!

And as always, I look forward to hearing about your own experiences, questions, and feedback in the comments below.

Your friend and partner in health,

Dr. Ben

Natural Health Audio to Maximize Your Energy & Progress Today

Okay.  Here’s a second audio.

This one’s 10 minutes…

…to guide you with a step you can start today to maximize your focus, energy, and metabolism.

I’ll also cover a key to ensuring your progress…in your health or any area of your life…in 2008!

And again, I welcome your comments and questions below.


Dr. Ben


P.S. Have you begun Your Road Map To Health in just minutes a day?

Day #6 Sugar or Fat–What’s the Real Enemy?

Welcome to Day #6!

Today we’re going to switch gears and  talk about something
really concrete:

Sugar and Fat

Plus simple steps you can take to shift your energy and
metabolism starting today.

Much of our society has been conditioned to avoid fat and to
look forlow-fat foods, but did you know there are actually
“good” fats–fats that are good for you?

Even cholesterol has its place.

In fact, cholesterol is  an essential component of
the membranes of every cell in your body, is a key factor in
normal hormone production, and too little cholesterol on
blood testing can be a marker for poor chance of survival.

Many low-fat foods are actually high in sugar or
carbohydrates, which get digested into sugar in your body.

Do you know what your body does with excess sugar?

It stores it.

First as sugar stores in the liver, and then as–guess


Now here’s a shocking fact:

Despite low-fat marketing for a number of years
which has made everyone fat-conscious…

diabetes, obesity, and heart-disease as ailments
of Western society are more common than ever.

So what do you do?

First, begin to shift your thinking from paying so much
attention to fat.

Rather, focus on eating more real food.

As long as you’re avoiding deep fried foods and french
fries (both of which heat fats to high temperatures and
make them toxic) and artificial fats such as margarine and
partially hydrogenated oils, I would rather you become less
“fat conscious”.

Begin today instead to eliminate, or at least decrease, two
other items from your diet:

Processed (added) sugar and corn syrup (often listed as
“high fructose corn syrup”)

You will actually find your taste buds awakening to a whole
palette of tastes when they’re not overwhelmed with sugar,
and you will experience a beneficial impact on your weight,
your metabolism, and your energy.

Additionally, shifting your thinking about fat will allow
you to feel more comfortable receiving the benefits of good
fats, which you’ll learn more about in the ongoing series
Dr.Ben’s Health Insights that continues after this initial 7 days.

Now, here are 3 steps you can take to shift your energy and
how you feel starting today (this is a modified excerpt from Dr. Ben’s
Foundational Wellness Program
) :

1) Color–Eat smaller amounts of food more often, and get as
much color–particularly from fruits and vegetables–as you

Looking for more natural color as you eat is a simple
way to increase your antioxidants, your nutrition, your fiber,
and your health without getting a headache reading labels
and reports!

2) Move–be sure to move at least 10 minutes every day.

Go for a walk, do some jumping jacks, dance to some music,
or play tag with your kids. Once you master this, begin
increasing the time or adding multiple times throughout the

3) Supplement — Get on a quality multivitamin, mineral, and antioxidant supplement and an omega three fish oil supplement to replenish your “nutritional bank account”, fill any gaps in your diet, and optimize your nutrition.  (More on this tomorrow)

There you have it.

Key steps you can learn and implement in minutes that can
make a profound difference in your health and how you feel

Avoid deep fried food, partially hydrogenated oils, processed
sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

Eat with color and in small amounts more often throughout
the day.

Move for at least 10 minutes a day.

Get on quality supplementation.

Now is this “enough”?

Remember our discussions of the past few days?

Health and healing are really multi-dimensional.

They involve all parts of our being…the physical steps are
just one part.

I’ve found that a few simple principles that are easy to learn
and practice on the physical side, when combined with addressing
the thinking, beliefs, focus, and feelings of a person–the
“non-physical” side–make a more profound difference, and a
simpler, easier, and happier life–than exhaustive amounts of
information and rules.

You’ll learn more about “Good Fats”  in the insights that follow your e-course, or you can save time and get Dr. Ben’s Complete Guide Here.

Today’s lesson “Sugar or Fat–What’s the Real Enemy?” also gave you 3 key steps to shift your energy and how you feel today.

Share your own experiences, ask a question, or leave a comment for others below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Ben

P.S.  Tomorrow we address nutritional supplementation beginning with the question, why supplement at all?  See you there!

Copyright 2008-2016 Ben Lo, MD

Day #4 Changing the Rules…

Welcome to Day #4!

Today we’re changing the rules…another key step to
transforming your health and your life, and one you won’t
normally find in a “health” newsletter.

The following is excerpted from Dr. Ben’s Health Insights, something you’ll continue to receive if you initially opted in for this 7 day series there:

This morning I was discussing with a couple team members the
difference between Newtonian physics, which follows a set of
“rules” that seem to hold true for most physical situations,
and the more recently described theory of relativity and quantum
physics, which describe phenomena in newly discovered situations
where Newtonian rules don’t seem to hold “true”.

Many of us have grown up with a set of “rules” about earning
and deserving–and to an extent, these rules have seemed to
hold true and to “work”.

If you work hard, you can earn money, approval, even love…

and conversely, if you don’t work hard, do a good job, do
something right, “earn” it…then you don’t deserve money,
approval, love, happiness.

But is there another way to live that would bring more
fulfillment and joy than the “earn” principle?

I’m recognizing my own tendency to try to “earn” and to resist
receiving what I feel I haven’t “earned”.

This morning while sitting on the porch with my wife before
everyone else awoke, I realized that many of the great stories
from the Bible involved people receiving a promise that went
way beyond anything they could see or earn–whether it was a
way across the sea, water in the wilderness, or an heir to a
childless couple later in life.

In fact, the last 24 hours, the phrase “And Abraham believed God,
and it was reckoned to him as righteousness” keeps coming back to

Abraham’s “approval”, and his becoming the father to a whole
nation, was based solely on his believing God–and that when
his outward condition gave no evidence that this would be so.

“Earning” works to a certain extent–but it’s hard work and
often leaves us still striving and resisting.

What if we could learn to trust and surrender, to believe and
receive, to allow our good to come to us based on grace, based
on being, based on faith, rather than on our works or our “earning”.

A level of surrender is certainly required–surrender of our pride,
our  feeling of control, our habits of thinking and talking to

But what joy to really be free to receive!

Whatever your spiritual persuasion, many are now recognizing a
Source whom I personally call God that is all around us and is
for us.

An affirmation adapted from Florence Shinn that’s assisted me
recently is “God is my unfailing supply, and large sums of money
now come to me quickly, under grace, in perfect ways.”  You could
fill in whatever supply you are seeking–abundant life, vibrant
health, and so on.

“God is my unfailing supply, and vibrant health now flows to me
daily, under grace, in perfect ways…”

Believe and receive.  Allow your good to come to you.


Okay, that’s lesson 4.

Today we “Changed the Rules” and discussed another key factor to healing, receiving, and abundance.

Share your own experiences with earning vs. receiving and your response to today’s lesson below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Ben

P.S.  Ever feel lousy and just don’t know how to change it,
even though you want to?

Find out how in tomorrow’s lesson!   Not subscribed?  You can do so here:  “Your Road Map to Health In Just Minutes A Day”

copyright 2008-2016 Ben Lo, MD

Day #1 Why Most Programs Fail

Welcome to Day #1!

Over the next 7 days, we’re going to cover key components to
transforming the way you feel in just minutes a day.

And since you’re a multi-dimensional being (you have thoughts
and feelings that affect how you feel just as much as anything
you put into your mouth), we’re going to address all dimensions
in this series with the insights that follow.

So let’s get started with today’s lesson,

**Why Most Programs Fail**

Ever tried a “program” to change your health or something in
your life only to be disappointed it “didn’t work”?

Before we talk about some of the specific physical steps you can
take to change your health and how you feel, today I want to share
with you the top two reasons why most programs “fail”, and at
the same time equip you with a strategy so that you never “fail”

Here’s the first reason:

**The Law of Incremental Change and Compounding Results**

Think for a moment of growing a tomato plant (a wonderful
analogy in Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life).

When the first green shoots spring up from the dirt, you don’t
stomp on them and say, “But I wanted a tomato!”

But isn’t that what you’ve done when attempting to “grow” other
results in your life?

Whether it’s changing your physique, releasing some weight,
eating healthier, or even a change in an arena other than health–
how you relate to your spouse or kids, or the results you’re
wanting to see in your business–how many times have you been
frustrated with yourself or your apparent “lack” of results?

Maybe you “messed up” this weekend and repeated an old habit,
or maybe you’ve been “trying really hard” but still not seeing
the results you want…

Or maybe you’re overwhelmed by a diagnosis or set of
circumstances and don’t know where to begin…

Well, no matter where you are right now, here’s where you start:

One step at a time.

Now this may seem obvious, but stick with me for a moment.

You can’t be anywhere other than where you are right now–
because that’s where you are.

So start here.

Start taking steps in the direction you want to head.

And start to accept and understand The Law of Incremental
Change and Compounding Results.

You’ve heard of the “penny doubling every day” becoming over
10 million by the end of 30 days.

Well, in the first few weeks, the visible changes are
INCREMENTAL…but the continuation of these incremental
changes begins to compound, and that’s when the magic

It’s the same with your health, your relationships, or any
other area of your life.

You may be ready for a quantum shift…and we’ve probably
all heard of personal transformation that happens virtually

But what happens for most people is the willingness to
cooperate with taking these incremental steps consistently,
and then allowing the magic of compounding to happen.

And compounding doesn’t just happen with money…

It happens in your body, and in any area of your life where
you allow new steps to begin to add together and create a

**new pattern**


**new results.**

And the compounding can happen rapidly…just like with the

and create almost “overnight” transformation.

But when you’re “in the middle of it,” if you don’t understand
this principle, you can “stomp” on your tomato shoots…

…stop the steps you’re taking…

before the compounding starts to take off…

and that’s what most people do.

That’s why most programs “fail”…

It’s not really that the program doesn’t work, or even that it
takes too long to see results.

Rather, it’s just that most people don’t understand the Law of
Incremental Change and Compounding Results, and they “pull out”
before the magic starts to happen.

Take a few minutes to ponder this throughout today, and  leave your comments and questions on today’s lesson below.

I look forward to hearing  from you!

Dr. Ben

P.S.  Want to share this 7 Day Guide with someone you love?  You can invite them to join you here.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the one key barrier you must release to heal.  See you there!

Copyright 2008-2016 Ben Lo, MD

30 Second Idea Keeps the Weight Off Over the Holidays

As we enter more Holidays and the New Year, I know you might
be thinking – at least for a moment — about your weight,
your energy, or your metabolism.

Well, I have a question for you.

What if you could still enjoy some of your favorite foods over
the holidays with one slight change, and not gain weight–
perhaps even lose some?

Here’s an idea that will take you 30 seconds to learn, is simple
to do, and can make a profound difference for you:

Your metabolism responds more to calories per meal than calories
per day.


Well, what this means is, even if you ate the same amount of
food in 24 hours, if you split it up into 4-6 different “snacks”
or “meals” during the day instead of 2-3 “big” ones, you’ll
trigger your metabolism to burn more rather than get stuck in
a “storage” mode.

So how do you do this without simply eating more?

How about dividing your meal into 2 portions and saving some
for later?

How about stopping just a little before you’re “full” knowing you
can still enjoy some more of that turkey or pie a couple hours

Simply spread the same amount of food you would normally eat
throughout the day instead of eating it all at once.

Try it, and see how your energy shifts…

…all without feeling you have to “deprive” yourself or grit
your teeth…

…and as you’re feeling better with more energy and your
metabolism revs up, you may find yourself choosing foods and
portions that further contribute to your feeling good.

Add some walking or movement each day, and you can actually
release weight over the holidays and feel great!

For more great tips and a complete 11 day program to really
get things going, hop on over to:

Keeping the Holiday Weight Off

As a special holiday gift, for everyone who gets the program
and emails me their receipt or confirmation by January 1st, 2008, I’ll email you
my Foundational Wellness Program ebook free and give you 10
minutes of one-on-one coaching by phone where you can ask me
any question you want.

So give yourself this gift–simple ways to change your energy,
metabolism, and physique–get my Foundational Wellness Program
as my free gift to you to complete your journey to wellness,
and ask me any question you want by phone:

Hop on over to:

Keeping the Holiday Weight Off

Order your program, then email me your receipt or confirmation
and your phone number.

To a blessed and prosperous New Year,

Dr. Ben

P.S.  If you recently purchased the above program via
Dr. Ben’s Health Insights or here on the blog,
email me your receipt, confirmation, or log in, and I’ll send
you my Foundational Wellness Program and give you 10 min’s of
phone coaching as well! 

(If you can’t find your confirmation, email me anyway and I can
look you up!)

3 Surprising Secrets of Effective Weight Loss Maintainers

I just finished listening to a fascinating seminar on obesity and wanted to quickly share with you three keys of successful “weight loss maintainers” that you can apply right away.

But before I do, did you know that obesity is increasing worldwide, even in Asian countries, and is now considered a worldwide epidemic just like AIDS and is killing millions of people yearly? 

If you’ve ever struggled with your weight or body image, here are a few characteristics you can probably relate to: 

A feeling of lack of control–for “serial dieters” this feeling can be overwhelming leading to feelings of hopelessness and futility.

Trying many programs and products–more than 10 is common.

Yo-yo weight loss…where the “lost” weight comes back…(this is where changing your vocabulary to “releasing” rather than “losing” weight can have a powerful effect.)

Blaming yourself.

Poor self-image and self-worth.

Now, want to know 3 secrets of those who have been successful not only at “losing weight” but at maintaining a healthy body shape long-term?

Here’s 3 that jumped out at me from the seminar today:

1)  They eat regular meals–they actually DON’T allow themselves to get “ferociously hungry” and they focus on choosing high quality foods rather than on quantity

2)  They accumulate physical activity throughout the day rather than in intense workouts.  This includes simply walking across the parking lot, taking the stairs, and even “fidgeting” per a Mayo Clinic study–anything that burns calories–and they recognize that little steps throughout the day add up and create powerful results.

In fact, during actual 24-hour calorie-burning measurements in one study, the days when people burned the most calories were the days when they were just “doing lots of stuff”–active and moving throughout the day–NOT the days when they did an intense workout!

3)  They celebrate the steps that lead to success–not just weight loss itself, but the actual steps such as those above that lead to healthy body transformation!

Now pause a moment and ask yourself, how can you apply 1 or more of these steps consciously and intentionally to your day today!


Okay.  Now want to know an additional secret to healthy weight loss?

One of the breakthrough keys to the Healthy Weight Loss program called FatLoss4Idiots is the concept of focusing on calories per meal rather than calories per day–and that eating the same number of calories a day, but spreading them out between 4-6 meals rather than 2 or 3 can actually trigger increased metabolism–increased fat burning–in your body.

A very simple, but powerful concept.

And you can actually do this without counting calories or reading labels!

If you’d like to learn more, and experience gaining back control of your body’s metabolism with simple, healthy steps that you can start today and at a one-time price that virtually anyone can afford, go straight to:

Burn Fat, Turn Up Your Metabolism, and Release Weight with the Healthy Weight Loss Program.  (click here for “FatLoss4Idiots”)

Now if you want to take an additional step, and use cutting edge technology never before available for personal use at home to actually measure the calories you’re personally burning each day, you can email me directly at and I’ll fill you in on new technology just released this week called “My Victory”.

Here’s to your health, and to transforming your life!

Dr. Ben

P.S.  Are you getting your own Dr. Ben’s Health Insights by email?  You can get yours here:

P.P.S.  Leave your own comments, questions, and personal victories with “releasing weight”, healthy weight loss, and personal transformation by clicking on “comments” below.