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Discover a Proven System that you can put to work for you today...

  • Regardless of your age, diagnosis, or family history
  • No matter how you feel today
  • Whether you're a "natural healing newbie" or an experienced "connisseur"

I am so grateful to Dr. Ben for his caring and willingness to discuss all options with me. It is rare to find a physician who will partner with you in the healing process instead of just immediately jumping to the solution that is easiest for them. Because of Dr. Ben, I was able to avoid surgery and the problems that could have arisen the rest of my life from functioning without a gall bladder.

-- Laura Kaufman, Dallas

Dear friend,

If you've gotten to this page, I'm going to assume 3 things:

1)  You want to feel great and maximize your health

2)  You know, or at least you hope, that there's more to being well than just medications and surgery

3)  You want to save time and get results today with a system that will work for you.

Now I'll also bet you've already seen lots of advertising and information about "natural cures" or "secret" information that if you only new this one natural "ingredient", for a few cents a day you could cure your arthritis, unclog your arteries, or treat some other specific "ailment" you have.

Many of these ads and newsletters do give great info and tips.

I've subscribed to them myself.

But here's what's wrong with all the newsletters and ads you've seen before:

They're still built on

A Faulty Medical Model

Now, what do I mean by that?

Well, they're all still based on a "medical model" designed to fit your medical conditioning of looking for a diagnosis or problem, and then treating that specific problem, without

An overarching strategy of wellness
that you can apply again and again.

Now who am I and how do I know this?

Well, I started out on the

Usual Route of Medical Education

Well, maybe a little unusual...

I actually began with an undergraduate degree from M.I.T. in electrical engineering, and then I went straight to medical school at Columbia University's College of Physicians & Surgeons, graduating in 1989.

I then did a 3-year residency in family medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Rockford (outside of Chicago), followed by a one year fellowship in child and family medicine with Homefirst Health Services and Dr. Mayer Eisenstein in the greater Chicago area.


Brenda DumberBenjamin Lo is a man who has an incredible heart for many things; God, family, nature, education, health and wellness and people.  God has blessed him with the unique gift of being able to mesh all of these together. 

-- Brenda D. Warrenville, IL

During 11 years of family medical practice, additional years of wellness coaching & seminars, delivering hundreds of babies at home and in the hospital, coaching individuals and families in the office, and then walking through many health issues with my own family ( including a daughter who's blind and a mother and father with cancer and Parkinson's), I know how it feels to be looking for answers for yourself or someone you love.

So I've decide to share what I know in the form of a proven strategy you can apply lifelong to your health, and in a way that's not limited only to those who can see me in the office or talk to me directly by phone.

How would you like to

Stop running from doctor to doctor and exhausting yourself

with reading all the natural health newsletters and still wondering what you may be missing?

What if you had a proven strategy for optimizing your health daily, and for evaluating and appropriately using each resource or piece of information that comes your way?

A strategy that you could use effectively the rest of your life without always looking for the "latest and greatest" (though you could if you wanted to, you wouldn't have to...)

and what if you could learn all this for 

Less than the cost of one medical consulation

and better yet, start putting it to work for you today...

What if you could use this same strategy for years to come to

Feel great and do what you love 

rather than continually researching and worrying about your health?

Well, now you can do just that with a special resource I've prepared for you called Your Journey to Wellness.

Yes, Dr. Ben! I'd like to get Your Journey To Wellness  (now
available as an instant download)  that you've
personally designed for me to equip me with

A lasting strategy for maximizing my health
in just minutes a day

So I can quit worrying, feel vibrant, and start living fully NOW.

Your Journey to Wellness With Dr. Ben
I understand that on this comprehensive
audio program, I'll discover:
  • The first thing I must address before taking any steps to change my health, especially if my condition is life-threatening 
  • What I can learn from an 85 year-old dentist, who chose "against medical advice" to go off his blood pressure medication, about how to make choices that are right for me 
  • A strategy for approaching medical advice, and what role to give my medical doctor in my own journey to wellness 
  • The 2 things besides what I eat that play a key role in
       my energy and my health everyday, and simple ways to
       maximize my benefit from both 
  • The 3 things I must release to really be whole.  
I just want to thank you for such a wonderful gift. Your CD is not only insightful and powerful, it touches the heart.

This morning, as anxiety began to take over, I had an urgent need to find something which I could not readily identify… On returning home your CD was in the mail, and I listened to it as I drove to town to run some errands. Dr. Ben, your kind words helped me find that missing link. After listening to your successful approach, how can someone not let go? In track 8 you talk about letting go of striving, of trying to find the "fix" outside of ourselves. That's when it all came together!

Thank you for the peace you have brought, and for the good you bring to so many people.

With gratitude,
Mary-Louise Abney, San Antonio, Texas

  • I'll learn in minutes a simple guide to eating that I can apply right away 
  • Get the "skinny" on fat & learn in just minutes which kinds to eat (and how to find them), and which ones to avoid 
  • Discover the value and appropriate use of supplementation and how to choose what's most effective for me. 
  • Learn natural ways to improve bowel function, and a simple and safe remedy for constipation in kids (page 13, hint:  it's not mineral oil)
  • The key role light and dark cycles play in how I feel, and simple steps I can take tonight to improve my sleep, my healing, my mood, and my energy  

Linda and I listened to your new "Journey to Wellness" CD set this weekend. Awesome job!  There were many key points we picked up that will help us be more aware of how to more naturally stay well. Your CD will be a part of our routine self development learning.

Steve Hanes
Dallas, Texas

  • How a digital clock could be affecting my sleep (and fertility in women)
  • 6 key "inputs" that can enhance my healing  hint:  they're not anything I take by mouth 
  • The key piece most people leave out that can have a profound impact on my experience of healing 
and very importantly,
  •  The key to lasting change (page 14-15)

I listen to your CDs  daily.  That is part of my daily meditation to better my health, my mental conditioning and to help others to help themselves.

Linda Walker
Tyler, Texas

Now to get you started on your journey with

A Strategy You Can Put To Work For You Right Away

In addition to this comprehensive audio program which you can begin just
minutes from now, I'm going to give you a

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Dr. Ben's Foundational Wellness Program ebook

which you can download right away, read in one sitting, and use to

 Change how you feel today...

This foundational ebook complements the audio program and will give you simple strategies you can use right away to

Maximize your health in just  minutes a  day

Now how much would such a proven strategy be worth to you?

How much time and money have you already spent on doctors and alternative  health, and on wading through newsletters, searching online, and looking for ways to heal or feel better?

Well, you can now get the

  • Comprehensive audio program Your Journety To Wellness and 
  • the Bonus instant download Dr. Ben's Foundational Wellness Program to

Equip you with a simple, clear, and
Life-long Strategy for Feeling Great

...all for only $47 

Yes, Dr. Ben!  Grant me instant access to the comprehensive audio program Your Journey To Wellness  & Dr. Ben's Foundational Wellness Program ebook:

**Note:  Both the audio program and ebook are now available as Instant Downloads--so you can begin changing how you feel just minutes from now!**

     **100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee**

By getting Your Journey To Wellness & Dr. Ben's Foundational Wellness Program, I will receive the core, time-saving methods you've used to create results in your own life, and to counsel others both as a medical doctor and as a Life & Wellness coach, I'll be equipped with a life-long strategy for optimal wellness, and all your resources are guaranteed to save me time and worry so I can feel great and live fully now!

I understand that your comprehensive audio program and downloadable ebook are fully covered by your personal, risk-free, no questions asked 365-day 100% money-back GUARANTEE! If I don't see the value in Your Journey to Wellness and Dr. Ben's Foundational Wellness Program for any reason whatsoever, I can request a prompt and courteous refund on the spot - for a full year.

Yes, Dr. Ben!  Grant me instant access...I'm ready to change how I feel just minutes from now:

I look forward to partnering with you on your journey to wellness,

Ben Lo, MD                        Ben Lo, MD

P.S.  Look  for a special surprise bonus when you order today--an ebook specially prepared by wife Rachelle, who's always creating wonderful, healthy, and tasty meals and snacks for our family.

Rachelle’s deft hand in combining great, fresh everything is what I call the gift of “Who knew?” You know, the kind that make one’s inner voice say, “More! I didn’t know food that’s good for me could taste like this.”

Jonathan Limpert, MD
Glen Ellyn, ILllyn, IL

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