Vegan Protein Boost

As part of the Look Good In Your Dad Jeans program, I’ve loved using this vegan protein powder — a very simple and “clean” mix of pea, rice, and chia seed protein (soy-free).

It tastes great on its own in unsweetened almond milk (or coconut milk, oat milk, and recently I tried flax milk and found it tasted great, too!) and can be mixed with almond butter and cacao powder on the one hand, or spinach and blueberries/fruit on the other for a wonderful tasting, nourishing shake.  (I’ve found that you actually don’t taste the spinach in shakes — a great way to get some healthy greens! 🙂 )

Oh, and more recently I’ve been leaving out the almond butter and instead adding a bit of MCT oil or powder, and I love adding hemp seeds and chia seeds, finely shredded coconut, and a few cacao nibs for added texture and fun.

But that’s just me, you can experiment and find what you like.

In any case, this vegan protein powder provides a complete & balanced, clean source of amino acids and can be mixed with virtually anything to create a personalized, great tasting, nourishing shake.

Want to try this vegan shake yourself?  Feel free to click one of the links on this page — I’ve arranged for special pricing for you so you can get them at the same price I do.


Dr. Ben