I’m a doc who was gone in the office, then found a way to be home with my wife and now 7 kids, while making a difference in people’s lives around the globe. I love good books, adventures with my family, dark chocolate with coconut, & empowering moms & dads to create a business and ultimately, a life they love.

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To learn more about transforming your health beyond drugs & surgery, you can visit www.doctorbenlo.com, and get VIP wholesale access to my favorite wellness solutions here.

We’re working with teams of scientists – experts in their field – who source and test ingredients around the world to create ultra-pure and comprehensive solutions that balance the effects of stress and inflammation in our brain and bodies, restore cellular energy, and reset healthy gene expression – so ultimately we can feel and perform at our best.

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I look forward to connecting with you!

Ben’s Bio:  

With a background in electrical engineering from MIT followed by his medical degree at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in NYC, Dr. Ben then did a family practice residency & fellowship in the Chicago area specializing in family care and home birth.  Practicing with Homefirst Health Services for a number of years, Dr. Ben attended the deliveries of over 500 babies, including his own seven children.

In 2002, when he was starting to explore ways to free up more time to be with his growing family, Dr. Ben was introduced to a leadership team bringing innovative solutions to market, and opening that door has totally changed his family’s life.

Dr. Ben has now transitioned completely out of the medical office to run an international healthy aging & lifestyle business from home, he sees his family throughout the day, and he’s very excited to be part of the team bringing forward key breakthroughs that profoundly impact the way we look and feel as we age.  He loves empowering and equipping others, particularly moms and dads, to expand beyond their current limits and embrace new possibilities in how they see themselves and the world that lead to a vibrant, fulfilling life.


8 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. I have learned So much from you about myself and about integrity in business practice. I’m shooting for diamonds in 2017. Watch me roll!

  2. I haven’t found the article mentioned called Why Most Programs Fail, which I think is the first one you wanted me to read…maybe it’s still forthcoming… 🙂

  3. Hope to connect with you soon. I have saved your mesage for a couple of years now.
    Just read and explored your wesite. How wonderful your work family and energy is. This Civic virus has changed so much.

    Thank you,
    Rebecca Henderson

  4. Oh thank you, Rebecca — so glad you enjoyed visiting the site. Interesting times, aren’t they? Look forward to connecting further!

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