How To Create Your Future — “Future Letter” Exercise

Are you seeking to create another level of excellence, achievement, business growth, or other “results” in the coming year?

Here’s an intriguing exercise I discovered in the Zanders’ book The Art of Possibility that I applied to the business arena — and the experience was very profound and personal. It’s a whole new way to look at goal-setting for the coming year, and can complement the more “traditional” methods, bringing your whole being, and who you want to become, into play.

Those I’ve shared this “future letter” exercise with have found it inspired them to write their own letter. So now I’m sharing this intriguing exercise with you.

Enjoy creating your own future, and who you’re choosing to become this year, and feel free to share your own experiences, results, or a link to your own video in the comments below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Goals Day 6 on How To Create A Life You Love

Today we move deeper — from the conscious to the subconscious mind — beginning with a key practice that impacts how we see, and what we ultimately attract and experience, in our business and our lives.

I look forward to hearing your own comments, questions, and experiences below.



How To Leverage The Unseen To Create What You Want With More Ease

So as we’re beginning a new year and resetting our goals and
commitments for the year, here’s a thought from Dr. William
Tiller that can greatly increase our leverage and effectiveness
in turning our actions into desired results:

The unseen is always the parent of the seen.


What does this mean?

How many times have you felt the weight of having to do all
the work to create your goals — and felt the big “gap”
between where you are now, and where you want to be?

What if you could leverage a dynamic power source — kind of
like riding a wave — so that your action still mattered, but
now your action was simply cooperating with something greater
that was already set in motion on your behalf?

This is the power of recognizing the connection between our
mental picture, our internal state, and our actions.

One of my key mentors over the years, Jerry Clark, has shared
that our goals and timeframes are for our conscious mind, but
our subconscious mind exists outside of time. The clearer the
picture we impress upon our subconscious mind, the more people,
ideas, resources, even “vehicles” show up in our lives that
can support us in realizing that picture.

Of course, this means we’re also acting and taking steps to
move forward each day, but now rather than our action doing
all the “heavy lifting” from scratch to “make something happen”,
now our action is lighter, easier, and even more fun — because
it’s cooperating with and even “reaping” what’s already been
set in motion in the “unseen.”

Too far out?

How about experimenting with this beginning today — rather than
rushing into action, take some moments to listen, imagine, and
create in the unseen — perhaps with music, out in nature,
with your journal, or simply in quiet contemplation when you
awake, as you fall asleep, or during a break during the day.

This is how my wife Rachelle and I have created the life
we’re living and enjoying today, and we’re still learning
and growing in the process.

Next pay attention to what shows up as you take the steps you
can take to move forward today.

Enjoy, and feel free to share your own experiences in the
comments below!


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Creating Your Future A Few Minutes A Day

Took a moment during a break with family to share these quick tips on creating new results in just a few minutes a day. Special thanks to the “cameraman” – my wife, Rachelle! Enjoy!

What Story Are You Telling?

Quick question – What Story are you Creating & Telling Today? Enjoy!

Here’s a special gift from our 12 year old daughter. She wrote this when she was 11 and just recently, with the help of musician and producer friends coming around her, recorded this music video – Blessings & Enjoy!
(Note: This song is also available on iTunes here.)

Mind Movies – The Most Powerful Personal Development Tool I’ve Used

Enjoy the brief video message and excerpt above that I created using the original Mind Movies toolkit a few years ago, then to learn more about this powerful tool, which is now even easier to use, and create your own personalized Mind Movie, click below:

Learn how to create my own personalized Mind Movie


Dr. Ben

Creating beyond what you can see right now…

Many of us experience areas of our life where the changes and
results we want to see aren’t showing yet…

Here’s some thoughts I video’d out on the back deck yesterday
afternoon – the camera is a little jittery – but I believe you’ll
benefit from the content.


And for those of you who like to read, here’s a couple thoughts
I shared in an email with someone I’m mentoring last week that
reflect lessons that I’ve been walking out as well:

Are you familiar with some of the Old Testament stories of the
Children of Israel wandering in the wilderness? Moments when
there seemed to be no water or food, and the next moment when
God brought them water from the rock or manna to feed them?

One of the “tests” of this life is learning to hold and affirm
what’s “true” and “there” even before we see it with our eyes…

The problem is we keep looking at what we can see, getting
discouraged and/or expecting more of the same…and so not much

but at any moment things can change as we shift our expectations,
starting with practicing different thoughts…and affirming and
giving thanks for every little seed and sign along the way – even
when it’s just an idea and a possibility and nothing visible yet –
so it can grow and expand into our actual experience.

Here’s a verse that reflects this profound spiritual principle in
a poetic way, regardless of your particular faith background –

“Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the
word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things
which do appear.” (Hebrews 11:3)

Would love to hear your own stories of holding the vision and
belief of something “not yet seen”…and taking action toward it…
until it manifested in your own experience!

Here’s to your expansion into new possibilities and results this week!

Dr. Ben

New Year’s Tip: Celebrate Highlights In Your Day

Just recorded this on the back deck earlier today (my daughter Gigi was the “cameraman”)…a simple but powerful practice I’ve been enjoying and wanted to share with you for the New Year – Enjoy!

Let me know your own experience with celebrating “highlights” in your day in the comments below!

The “missing link” to the “Think & Grow Rich” Formula

Just came across Robert Anthony’s new “Secret of Deliberate
course – a more advanced and “updated” version of
his excellent “Know How To Be Rich Course” which I’ve listened
to multiple times, and which greatly aided me in my transition
into free enterprise…and the principles are applicable to
any deliberate change you want to create in your life–whether
it’s your health, finances, or some other aspect…even though
the examples given largely have to do with getting over lack
and into an experience of abundance with money.

The free report is excellent and presents a core question &
thinking that I haven’t seen presented this clearly or
succinctly before, and which directly addresses what many
leave out when applying the “Law of Attraction”…

…and the first email you’ll receive on certainty has already shifted
my thinking another level as I apply it to my own business and
cash flow.

If you’re interested in the full program, I’ve secured a
special discounted link for you…though even if not, the free
report is definitely worth a look this weekend and will only
take a few minutes:

Robert Anthony’s Secret Of Deliberate Creation & free report

Enjoy, and be sure to leave a comment on your own shifts in
thinking and results below!

Dr. Ben