How to Magnify Your Good (no matter how your day is going…)

While taking an evening bike ride a little while ago, I was
reminded of a practice that has propelled me forward & created
significant anchors for me in the past year, regardless of how
my day was going.

I recorded a video tip on this back in January, and here’s
some further thoughts to ponder:

Every day, take note when you’re feeling especially good…

when you’re particularly enjoying something…

and celebrate that moment as a “highlight” of your day.

That way no matter what happens the rest of the day…no matter
what disappointments or frustrations…or how well you’re doing
in school or in your business or with your work goals…

…or with your family and relationships…

you can celebrate at least a moment of something “good” in your

something you enjoyed…

something you appreciate.

Someone once said a happy life is a series of happy moments
strung together…

But there’s something about the way we’re wired that if we
actually take note of them when they occur, we anchor them
further and can even “appreciate” or “magnify” them in a way
that brings them more and more into our experience.

About a week ago I enjoyed a conversation with a wonderful
businessman from Hawaii who has “re-invented” himself and
expanded into new arenas multiple times in his life, and he
shared with the few of us who were listening how key it is
to “appreciate” rather than “depreciate” each step of good
that comes to us in a new venture, regardless of how small
it may seem to us compared to something we’ve already
accomplished in the past.

He emphasized when creating something new, let go of “remember when…”
and focus on appreciating each step of progress now. 

This practice allows more to come to you and truly “appreciates”…

or magnifies and multiplies…

the good that you’re enjoying.

This practice of appreciating reminds me of the advice from
Louise Hay about tomato plants – when you plant some seeds,
and the first sprouts appear, you don’t stomp on them and say,
“but I wanted a tomato plant!”

Rather, you celebrate that your seeds are starting to sprout…

and you continue to nurture and cultivate them until they grow
into a full-grown plant that bears fruit.

Food for thought…

How about practicing finding, creating, and celebrating “highlights”
of your day each day this week, and appreciating…

rather than depreciating…

each sign of progress and each “sprout” of good that comes your way.

Would love to hear some of your own experiences and insights
in the comments below!

To a blessed and wonderful week!

Dr. Ben

New Year’s Tip: Celebrate Highlights In Your Day

Just recorded this on the back deck earlier today (my daughter Gigi was the “cameraman”)…a simple but powerful practice I’ve been enjoying and wanted to share with you for the New Year – Enjoy!

Let me know your own experience with celebrating “highlights” in your day in the comments below!