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Dr. Ben

An emotional key to manifesting any change you desire.

In working with my business team, I’ve noticed a pattern that
tends to get “overlooked” in practice, but is extremely key
to the success or failure of “manifesting” a desired change
in any aspect of your life.

Whether it’s a result in your business, a change in your health,
or some other area of your life where you’re wanting to create
something that’s not yet in your physical experience…

I’ve noticed a consistent pattern that’s key to actually seeing
fulfillment of what you’re wanting to manifest—-and there’s lot’s
of historical precedent for this pattern as well. 🙂

The key seems to be that there’s a “necessary” amount of time,
which may vary for the person or situation, that’s required to
keep our attention on the change or result we’re wanting to see
(rather than the lack of it), and it’s this attention, and the
emotional consistency that follows from it, that’s the key
difference between someone who “tries” for awhile and then
gives up, vs. the person who actually sees and experiences the
fulfillment of their “dream”.

Here’s two examples that will better clarify what I mean—-one from
an “ancient” text, and the other a simple analogy.

The “ancient” text is the biblical story of the Children of Israel
wandering in the desert for 40 years when they could have entered
the promised land almost right away.

What led to the delay?

Well, one key factor seems to be the recurrent tendency to “give up”
on the promise they’d been given…and to “murmur and complain”.

Keep that in mind as we consider the following analogy.

Imagine that the result you’re wanting to manifest—-whether it’s
in your health, your finances or business, or some other area of
your life—-is like a crop, say of corn.

And let’s say your crop has a set time—-say 90 days—-to grow fully
and bear fruit.

Well, what if every 45 days, or every 85 days, you “throw in the towel” emotionally,
and walk away from your “crop” because nothing seems to be “happening” yet–at
least not what you want?

Can you see how you could painfully prolong receiving the very fruit
you’ve been sowing toward, much like the Children of Israel delayed
their entrance into the promised land?

So how about making a deal with yourself.

How about taking a moment to reflect on something that you’re really
looking forward to experiencing—-maybe it’s more energy, a better physique
for the summer, growth in your business, or an increasing amount of surplus
at the end of each month—-and taking off the internal “time limit” when you
tend to judge whether something’s “working” or not…and instead, hold to
the promise…the “dream” that draws you…and keep your attention and
your emotions steadily in line with that dream regardless of how things
“look” at the moment…

You may soon look around and find the very thing you’re wanting to experience
is “suddenly” here.

Dr. Ben

P.S.  I’d love to hear your own stories of holding fast to a vision or dream
despite how things looked at the moment, and you can share them in the
comments below.

Ryan Higgins’ Mind Movies–Shift How You Feel In Minutes and Accelerate Your Results In Any Area Of Your Life

This is it…

Here you go…the best tool I’ve found so far for magnifying
and accelerating your visualizations…and in fact, taking
them “outside” of you and reflecting them back to you, so even
someone who’s not good at “visualizing” can have great success
focusing on what they’re wanting rather than continuing to
get stuck in the way things are right now.

Learn all about this wonderful tool–called “Mind Movies” from
Ryan Higgins, by clicking here
.  (and see 4-7-09 update below).

The product is excellent–walks you through the
process of creating your own mind movie step-by-step, and you can
also download and access several mind movies for free right
away (on health, money, relationships, and more–6 areas in total)

I used one of the “generic” ones above for about a month and felt
the power of it…then when I created my own below, the feelings
I experienced jumped through the roof.  (You won’t have the
same experience because many of the pictures below are personal
to me…but you’ll get the idea).

Once again, check out Ryan’s Mind Movies and free downloads here,
then enjoy my own mind movie below…my favorite part is the final
portion where the music shifts, beginning with “I have amazing

Ryan even has a really cool tool where my mind movie can be
playing full-screen in the background while I’m doing other
work on the computer!

Imagine what could happen between now and Christmas if you make
your own mind movie this weekend!


Dr. Ben

P.S. Click on the rectangle at lower right above to view full screen…enjoy, then
go make your own mind movie here.

**Update 4-7-09:  Use the link above to get your own pre-made mind-movies,
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