Letting Go of Fear…

Last night while looking up a resource for a friend who has
several people in his life facing a serious health crisis, I
came across this “Dr. Ben” letter I had written a few years ago
and realized it could still speak to those of you today who
are facing a serious crisis — either in yourself or a loved one —
and so I’m re-posting the letter here for you.  May it bring
you peace.


Today I want to speak to those of you who may be facing a serious diagnosis — in yourself or a loved one.  I went through this when my second daughter was born blind, and again when my mother faced cancer. Besides the emotions of fear, stress, and despair that can come up, I also know the anguish and exhaustion that come from trying to figure out the right thing to do.  Consulting experts, reading, researching, praying, discussing — all seem to be part of the process many of us feel compelled to walk through.  Yet even in the midst of this, it is possible to have an inner sense of peace, and that’s what I want to assist you with today.

In our culture, many of us have grown up focusing on “doing”, and especially in a crisis, I know my first tendency is to want to know what to do.

Well, in serious matters where there is not always an immediate or obvious solution, a “doer” can get so caught up in “research” and trying to make the right decisions — about treatment, care, travel, and so on — that the doer becomes totally cut off from their heart and their sense of being.

What I want to encourage you to “do” today, no matter how serious a situation you are facing, is to take a moment right now simply “being” — and affirm that “all is well.”  Though the surface of your life may be being tossed about by storms, at a deeper level you can connect to a sense of being that exists beyond your crisis, and it is from this connection that you can find the peace to hear, see, and receive what really matters.

Yes, this is a spiritual matter — one of faith.  Our beliefs and our spiritual energy are actually the most powerful in the universe in affecting our lives and our health, though many of us get consciously cut off from this awareness when we’re stressed wondering what to “do”.

Whatever crisis you’re facing on the surface of your life, let go of your fear and find that inner place of trust where “all is well.”  From there you can re-enter your situation with a new perspective that will allow you to receive good even in the midst of hardship, as well as be a blessing to others.

Peace to you.

Dr. Ben

P.S.  For further assistance with facing your fears in any health crisis, as well as practical steps to take, you can take a look at Your Journey to Wellness with Dr. Ben

Creating beyond what you can see right now…

Many of us experience areas of our life where the changes and
results we want to see aren’t showing yet…

Here’s some thoughts I video’d out on the back deck yesterday
afternoon – the camera is a little jittery – but I believe you’ll
benefit from the content.


And for those of you who like to read, here’s a couple thoughts
I shared in an email with someone I’m mentoring last week that
reflect lessons that I’ve been walking out as well:

Are you familiar with some of the Old Testament stories of the
Children of Israel wandering in the wilderness? Moments when
there seemed to be no water or food, and the next moment when
God brought them water from the rock or manna to feed them?

One of the “tests” of this life is learning to hold and affirm
what’s “true” and “there” even before we see it with our eyes…

The problem is we keep looking at what we can see, getting
discouraged and/or expecting more of the same…and so not much

but at any moment things can change as we shift our expectations,
starting with practicing different thoughts…and affirming and
giving thanks for every little seed and sign along the way – even
when it’s just an idea and a possibility and nothing visible yet –
so it can grow and expand into our actual experience.

Here’s a verse that reflects this profound spiritual principle in
a poetic way, regardless of your particular faith background –

“Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the
word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things
which do appear.” (Hebrews 11:3)

Would love to hear your own stories of holding the vision and
belief of something “not yet seen”…and taking action toward it…
until it manifested in your own experience!

Here’s to your expansion into new possibilities and results this week!

Dr. Ben