What if you could get more return on your action?

Here’s a “different” perspective on “action” I learned a few years ago on my entrepreneurial journey, plus a couple tips on how to turn this into results with greater and greater ease.

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Want to Create A Whole New Level of Results This Month? Practical Tip!

Here’s a practical tip I just heard from a busy “mompreneur” on how to get things done and take your effectiveness to a whole new level this month. Enjoy, and feel free to share your own tips, experience, or questions in the comments below. I look forward to connecting with you!

Want 2011 to be different than 2010?

Here’s a quick tho’t on changing your experience…

and your results…

This week and into 2011 and beyond.

Most of the time we react – in our thought patterns, words,
feelings, and actions – in a habitually conditioned way.

But here’s a key to change your experience:

Choose a different response. Open a new door of possibility.

Set yourself on a new path.

For example, as you read this brief post – before clicking on
to something else, take a moment to anchor a thought or idea
that may be coming to you.

Maybe it’s choosing and writing down an area you want to change
in your business or your life.

Write down what you want.

Write down what your usual experience – and better yet, your
usual “reaction” is to that thought, situation, person, or

Now ask yourself, what’s a different response you could begin
to practice?

Perhaps it’s simply writing down this question and asking
yourself this of yourself the next time you’re in a situation
that you want to change.

In fact, take a moment now to picture yourself in that
situation…and then pausing a moment to ask yourself this

It might be changing what you’re thinking and saying to
yourself as your head hits the pillow tonight…

or as you’re paying your bills…

or as you’re talking to a key person in your life.

And here’s a piece of encouragement for you –

You don’t have to change everything overnight.

Just start becoming aware of your usual response in an area
that’s important to you, and ask yourself how you could
respond differently this time…



And thereby open up a new path…a new pattern…a new
possibility of experience for you and those around you…

I look forward to hearing your own comments and feedback
below, and have a blessed and prosperous week, and a
wonderful New Year!

Dr. Ben

How to Maximize Your Progress in Business & In Life

Good morning!  Just uploaded a quick one minute success strategy that if you practice it a few minutes a day this week and every week hereafter, you could revolutionize your experience and results in an area you choose.

So here you go – enjoy – and feel free to leave your comments or questions below!

What Areas Are You Sowing In Today?

In the midst of coaching members of my business team this past
week and a half, two factors have repeatedly come to the surface
that are key to creating new and desirable results in our lives.
As I’ve percolated on these keys and just finished enjoying some
raisins with my 21 month old daughter, I had the inspiration to
write them for you here:

1) Decide what you want

2) Sow in the areas that are important to you with intention
every day.

Maybe it’s a relationship with God, your family, or someone else in

The image that comes to mind is of colorful jars or containers –
and each day you get to choose which ones you open and give some
attention – which ones you sow into each day.

If we’re not intentional, then what’s most urgent and demanding, or
what’s most familiar based on past patterns and habits, can get all
of our time and attention.

But if we realize we want to sow something different today, we can
specifically set aside time to sow into the areas we’re choosing
intentionally today.

It might be a 10 minute walk to commune with God or nature or simply
get some mental space and clarity.

It may be reading a story to our kids, or taking a break and having
a conversation with someone that’s important to us.

And it may be taking a new step in your business or professional
pursuits that’s a bit challenging, even a bit scary, but also
exciting and potentially very rewarding.

Take a chance.

Take a step.

Be deliberate.

And choose what “jars” you’re sowing into today.

To your freedom, prosperity, and joy!

Dr. Ben

P.S. I think I’ll take a quick walk up the hill and then enjoy some
lunch with my family 🙂