Want to Create A Whole New Level of Results This Month? Practical Tip!

Here’s a practical tip I just heard from a busy “mompreneur” on how to get things done and take your effectiveness to a whole new level this month. Enjoy, and feel free to share your own tips, experience, or questions in the comments below. I look forward to connecting with you!

How To Get Things Done

Here’s a powerful strategy — with a cool example from a mom, wife, and grandmother building a home business who also wanted to homeschool her son — who ended up doing both, having more vacation time, and winning the top award in her business 2 years in a row!


Redefining Failure to Tap Into the “Juice” of Life

For all of you in network marketing, running your own business, or engaged in any kind of entrepreneurial or creative endeavor, here are a couple key thoughts on “redefining failure” that can totally change your experience — and your effectiveness — just as they’ve done for me.

Enjoy, and if this impacts you in some way, feel free to share your own experiences, perspectives, and insights in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you!


A “New” Definition of Success

My wife shared this wonderful affirmation from a card on her
desk with me this morning, “Success Is About the Joy I Feel”.

Reminded me of some reflections the past few days as we’ve
just moved into a wonderful new home –- some of our friends
and business partners have been calling it our “dream home”,
and it is indeed the next phase of manifesting a new chapter —
and space, both literally and figuratively –- in our lives.

But what I’ve noticed after moving into our new home, and with
this affirmation in particular giving me the words to express it
–- is that we carry our joy with us…and within us…

If we depend on a new home or some other “outer” thing or
circumstance to bring us joy, we may be setting ourselves up
for disappointment –- because when the newness wears off, we
may find ourselves even worse off than before, because what
we’ve been working toward doesn’t bring the lasting joy we
thought it would…

Conversely, if we realize we carry our joy within us –- and we
practice finding appreciation, joy, and wonder wherever we are –-
then we can move into new spaces and new situations and
fully enjoy them…while not depending on them for our joy.

So here’s to finding joy in your journey, and to creating more and
more joy around you because you realize you carry your joy within you.

And here’s to wonderful new “spaces” and new experiences for you
in the days ahead!

Dr. Ben

Rachelle's Desk
Rachelle's desk in our new home

What It Takes to Be Great – Does Talent Matter?

Click on the 2-minute video intro above (you’ll see me in a fun spot), then view the article below (actually by Geoffrey Colvin from 2006 but shared with me this weekend!), and come back and leave a comment on the key questions raised that are very relevant to how you approach your life, health, or business today!

Secrets of Greatness – Is Talent Irrelevant?

Pay special attention to the example of the golfer and the bowler, and then ask yourself,
how can you apply these distinctions to your own life?

What are you wanting to be “great” in?

I recently spoke with a young man who told me his greatest dream is to “be the best
dad ever.”

Whatever you’re wanting to be great in, this article has some key insights…and raises
some key questions, that can set you further on your own path to greatness…and creating
the results you want.

Enjoy, and come back and leave your own take on:

What role does talent play?

How could “deliberate” practice, feedback, and frequent adjustment make a difference
in something you’re seeking to excel in?

What role does consistency play–and what factors have you found key to developing
long-term consistency and results?

Look forward to hearing from you, and to an intriguing discussion!

And here’s the article again:  Secrets of Greatness – Is Talent Irrelevant?

Dr.  Ben