What It Takes to Be Great – Does Talent Matter?

Click on the 2-minute video intro above (you’ll see me in a fun spot), then view the article below (actually by Geoffrey Colvin from 2006 but shared with me this weekend!), and come back and leave a comment on the key questions raised that are very relevant to how you approach your life, health, or business today!

Secrets of Greatness – Is Talent Irrelevant?

Pay special attention to the example of the golfer and the bowler, and then ask yourself,
how can you apply these distinctions to your own life?

What are you wanting to be “great” in?

I recently spoke with a young man who told me his greatest dream is to “be the best
dad ever.”

Whatever you’re wanting to be great in, this article has some key insights…and raises
some key questions, that can set you further on your own path to greatness…and creating
the results you want.

Enjoy, and come back and leave your own take on:

What role does talent play?

How could “deliberate” practice, feedback, and frequent adjustment make a difference
in something you’re seeking to excel in?

What role does consistency play–and what factors have you found key to developing
long-term consistency and results?

Look forward to hearing from you, and to an intriguing discussion!

And here’s the article again:  Secrets of Greatness – Is Talent Irrelevant?

Dr.  Ben