Foggy thinking, poor sleep, not at your best? Try this!

Recently I created a brand new video for any of you that ever have foggy thinking, poor sleep, or don’t feel at your best.

One big factor could be excess levels of cortisol from chronic stress, which virtually all of us experience these days, and which can have a profound impact on our mood, sleep, metabolism, ability to function, and even our weight, immune function, and menstrual symptoms for women.

In case you’d like to see it (it’s just 6 mins), here’s the video and the solution I’ve found that combines 5 ingredients from nature in a convenient capsule:

Ready to try this natural stress solution yourself? It could make a significant difference for you, and I look forward to hearing your own experience!

Potent Natural Immune Support for Fall & Winter

If you’re like many of us today, you’re always looking for that
natural extra support to stay healthy during cold and flu season.

Well I just heard an impactful update from a business associate and
friend who recently returned from Singapore to find his teenage
daughter had been having daily fevers for two weeks.  Medical
evaluation suggested a probable virus as the cause.

Needless to say, his daughter was frustrated at missing school
and seeing no immediate end in sight to her ailment.

Well, just last night I received a wonderful text from my friend
saying that his daughter had finally gone a day without a fever —
and the only thing they’d done differently was to begin two simple
yet powerful natural solutions we had discussed the other night.

Want to know what they were?

The first is a potent mushroom extract that supports healthy liverReishiMushroom and immune system function. It’s been shown to improve cell-mediated immunity and the activity of “natural killer cells” in particular, which help eliminate and remove infected or abnormal cells in our body.

Now there are about 62 varieties of this mushroom, called reishi, and some of the most active immune-supporting components are “locked away” in the spores, where they                                                                                         don’t get absorbed well when ingested.

One group of scientists has produced not only an extract from the
highest quality type (red reishi), but also found a way to crack
the spores so the key ingredients locked within can be extracted
and absorbed.

This is the high quality form of reishi extract that I personally
use and recommend, and which my friend’s daughter started taking
just about 48 hours ago.

The second solution was an extract from colostrum. Colostrum is  20130524_MP_0111an immune-rich fluid that breastfed newborn babies receive before their mother’s milk comes in.

This particular extract contains just the low-molecular weight proteins (non-antibodies) which provide communication “co-factors”, assisting your immune system’s communication throughout the body —
so its signaling is both more accurate and more effective.

Imagine your immune system as an army with signals going back and
forth telling troops where invaders are, what kind they are, and
what is required to take them out without “collateral damage”.

It’s that kind of communication that this highly purified colostrum
extract enhances — which can both assist with dealing with
“invaders”, as well as potentially correct signals that have
gone “awry” (think allergy and auto-immune conditions).

The nice thing about both this reishi and this colostrum extract
is that they support your body’s own immune system in doing its job
more effectively, without over-stimulating anything or throwing
your system out of balance.  Hence, both extracts can be taken
for ongoing health and immune support if desired.

So as you gear up for travel, family events, school, and other
adventures this fall and winter, you may find like us that these
two natural solutions come in handy.

Enjoy, and be in health!

Dr. Ben

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