Day 3 — The Final “Ingredient” to Sow in “Getting Good At” Something New

Here’s Day 3 — the final “ingredient” to enhance your sowing and progress in anything you want to “get good at” in business and in life.

Can you guess what this one is?


5 Quick Tips for Increasing Energy and Focus Throughout Your Day

Had a friend recently ask me for tips to improve focus, and here are five I sent her via Facebook messenger:

5 Quick Tips for Increasing Energy and Focus Throughout Your Day

1) Keep your blood sugar “balanced” — in other words, eat consistently, especially protein and veggies while avoiding the ups and downs of sugar and processed food (or too much caffeine, especially later in the day)

2) Get your rest. So much brain and body renewal occurs with our daily cycle of sleep, yet it’s one of the first things we skimp on when we’re “busy”. Try turning off your “screens” and “unwinding” a bit before bed, and even shifting your “stop time” earlier — I read once that the Taoists say every hour of sleep before midnight is worth two after midnight! (The Tao of Abundance by Laurence G. Boldt)

3) Stay hydrated — pure water is best (try adding a slice of lemon, lime, grapefruit, cucumber, or a mint or bay leaf for variety)

4) Time block — block off shorter segments in your day to totally focus on a specific project, task, or intention. Then re-assess at the end of that block  to set your intention for the next “segment” of your day.

5) Pattern interrupt — avoid zoning out on email, facebook, internet searches, etc.  Periodically step away from the computer/phone — stand up, get a drink of water, go for a short walk — or even a bike ride — to re-energize, refresh, and re-focus.  You’ll find yourself more “on purpose” and more productive than if you never took the break.

There you go! Which one can you act on today? In the next hour?

What’s one of your favorite tips for increasing energy and focus throughout your day? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Dr. Ben

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Creating An Energized Start to Your Day

Just shared this quick video message with my business partners &
thought you’d benefit from these perspectives as well — Enjoy!

How do you create your own energized start to your day? Feel
free to share your own experience in the comments below.

Epigenetics, Gene Expression, & Why Your DNA Is No Longer Your Destiny

Just returned a couple days ago from a trip out-of-state, and
one of the things I’m noticing with the solution I’ll share
below is a definite increase in alertness, focus, energy, and
flow even after the end of a trip, long days, and changing time

While away, I got to hear a biochemist speak on the emerging
field of “epigenetics”, and then I just picked up a U.S. News
& World Report special edition on “How To Live to 100” at Barnes
& Noble – and one of the feature articles is “Our DNA Is Not
Necessarily Our Destiny” with a subtitle on epigenetics. Time
Magazine had a very similar article earlier this year featured
on its cover.

So what’s all this about and what does it mean for you and me?

It’s about gene expression – every cell in your body has the
same DNA…but not every cell does the same thing or looks the
same way (just think of your brain, your liver, and your skin
for example).

So what creates this difference?  It’s differences in which
genes are “turned on” and “off” and how high a “signal”
they’re putting out – in other words, how your genes are
expressing themselves.

And you know what?

Your genes are changing expression all the time – based on
what you eat, stresses and changes in the environment, and

This means your gene expression can be influenced…

Now we’ve all generally known some healthy steps that can
have a beneficial effect on our health and how we feel – good
nutrition, more fruits and vegetables & antioxidants,
exercise and staying active, and a healthy attitude & mindset.

But what if you could see the expression of your genes
themselves and thereby screen for the best blend of what
nature has to offer to optimize your gene signals and maximize
the health and function of your cells?

Well that’s what years of research and collaboration between
leading scientists around the world has led us to – the ability
to identify, target, and reset specific clusters of genes to a
more youthful, vibrant pattern – in a natural and balanced way.

This approach is already available for the skin, and just
recently has been applied to brain, heart, and muscle function –
restoring youthful energy and vitality in 3 key areas – mental,
physical, and sexual.

Imagine looking and feeling the way you did years ago…
with the experience and wisdom you have today…

And setting yourself on a very different path of “aging” than
you were on before…

If you’re not already familiar with this approach and would
like to know more, you can click here:  a new approach to gene expression
or contact me at

In the meantime, take a healthy step today – get up and move
and take some deep refreshing breaths, eat an apple or handful
of blueberries or some dark leafy greens, and remember to find
something you enjoy each day.

And finally, may you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a
blessed and vibrant holiday season!

Dr. Ben

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how to maximize your health in just minutes a day.

Four steps to refocus, re-energize, & move forward now

imageIn the midst of a busy week – ever had one of those? – I quickly jotted down four steps (as a reminder to myself and others) to refocus, re-energize, & move forward now, and here they are:

1)  Step back for a moment from what you’re doing – stand up, take a few deep breaths, go for a walk – often simply interrupting your pattern, particularly with movement, can bring fresh energy and a renewed perspective and re-alignment of priorities

2)  Focus on what you CAN do.  Often we get so overwhelmed by what we’re not doing that a part of us just shuts down…whereas if we simply take the next step we CAN take – the process of simply moving forward feels good and “unlocks” the feeling of being stuck, thus turning into feel-good, forward-moving momentum.

3)  Give thanks – find something to appreciate.  You’ll immediately feel better and have fresh energy for re-engaging with life.

4)  Re-focus with intentional questions – what do you really want? What are three things you can choose to put in place right now to move toward what you want?  If you’re feeling badly about something that’s not getting done – or perhaps a relationship or area of your life or business that’s not getting attention right now – rather than continuing to feel badly, simply ask yourself, “is this important to me?” and if so, “what’s a step I can take to start sowing in this area this week?
(For more on this, see The Power of 10 Minutes a Day)

Now to really anchor and apply what you just read, how about choosing one of the four and practicing it for a moment right now?

Here’s to a prosperous and wonderful week!

Dr. Ben

A powerful (yet simple) way to shift your energy and results over the next 30 days

How’d you like to learn a simple process that takes about 5
min’s (or even less) but gives you 6-8 hours worth of results?

Imagine compounding that every day for the next 30 days…

Now this is so simple that you’ve probably heard it (or
something like it) before…but do you realize how powerful it
is…and are you deliberately practicing it on a daily basis?

Here it is:

Choose what you’re thinking about…and what thoughts, feelings,
and images are playing in your mind…just before you fall

Many people are letting the news or something distressing
they’ve just watched be the last thing that’s playing in their
mind before going to bed.

Others end the day with frustration or fears and burdens that
are weighing them down.

These thoughts and feelings in a way are continuing to “marinate”
and draw more of that feeling and energy to you throughout the

So instead, how about deliberately practicing thinking about
something that makes you feel good – something or someone you
appreciate…that you’re thankful for…that you love.

It could be a success or a smile or a hug from earlier that day
that’s now gotten pushed out of your mind by other “tasks” and
burdens that have come to you since…or it could be the things
you love – music, biking, a sunset, or something you’re looking
forward to.

Just taking a few moments to deliberately think about something
you love and appreciate – about things that make you feel good –
things you’re thankful for – can immediately shift how you feel.

And doing this right before you fall asleep sets the “path”, in
a way, for what your subconscious will be exploring…or “marinating”
in…while you sleep.

I had a powerful experience with this practice just this weekend.
My wife and I were both a little tired and cranky at the end of a
long day apart, and actually “snapped” at each other just before
going to bed.

So when my head hit the pillow – all of a sudden I felt miserable –
my shoulder ached, I was frustrated, and I didn’t feel like I
could fall asleep.

Then I remembered this practice, and started silently offering thanks
– particularly for my family…and ultimately my wonderful wife…
and within moments, my energy totally shifted…

I had a mini (or perhaps not so “mini”) reconciliation with my wife,
and a wonderful night’s sleep awakening with a “happy feeling” even
before I remembered what I was happy about.
(And my wife was very happy, too…)

And here’s the key – moments before giving thanks, I was on a totally
different “path” headed for a miserable night…and any other option
was not even “Visible” until I actually started giving thanks…

So here’s the trick – knowing this is not enough…what can you do
right now to set an intention…or a reminder…to do this tonight…
and every night for the next 30 days?

Look forward to hearing about your own practice and results in the
comments below!

Dr. Ben