Epigenetics, Gene Expression, & Why Your DNA Is No Longer Your Destiny

Just returned a couple days ago from a trip out-of-state, and
one of the things I’m noticing with the solution I’ll share
below is a definite increase in alertness, focus, energy, and
flow even after the end of a trip, long days, and changing time

While away, I got to hear a biochemist speak on the emerging
field of “epigenetics”, and then I just picked up a U.S. News
& World Report special edition on “How To Live to 100” at Barnes
& Noble – and one of the feature articles is “Our DNA Is Not
Necessarily Our Destiny” with a subtitle on epigenetics. Time
Magazine had a very similar article earlier this year featured
on its cover.

So what’s all this about and what does it mean for you and me?

It’s about gene expression – every cell in your body has the
same DNA…but not every cell does the same thing or looks the
same way (just think of your brain, your liver, and your skin
for example).

So what creates this difference?  It’s differences in which
genes are “turned on” and “off” and how high a “signal”
they’re putting out – in other words, how your genes are
expressing themselves.

And you know what?

Your genes are changing expression all the time – based on
what you eat, stresses and changes in the environment, and

This means your gene expression can be influenced…

Now we’ve all generally known some healthy steps that can
have a beneficial effect on our health and how we feel – good
nutrition, more fruits and vegetables & antioxidants,
exercise and staying active, and a healthy attitude & mindset.

But what if you could see the expression of your genes
themselves and thereby screen for the best blend of what
nature has to offer to optimize your gene signals and maximize
the health and function of your cells?

Well that’s what years of research and collaboration between
leading scientists around the world has led us to – the ability
to identify, target, and reset specific clusters of genes to a
more youthful, vibrant pattern – in a natural and balanced way.

This approach is already available for the skin, and just
recently has been applied to brain, heart, and muscle function –
restoring youthful energy and vitality in 3 key areas – mental,
physical, and sexual.

Imagine looking and feeling the way you did years ago…
with the experience and wisdom you have today…

And setting yourself on a very different path of “aging” than
you were on before…

If you’re not already familiar with this approach and would
like to know more, you can click here:  a new approach to gene expression
or contact me at drbenlo7@gmail.com

In the meantime, take a healthy step today – get up and move
and take some deep refreshing breaths, eat an apple or handful
of blueberries or some dark leafy greens, and remember to find
something you enjoy each day.

And finally, may you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a
blessed and vibrant holiday season!

Dr. Ben

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