Creating An Energized Start to Your Day

Just shared this quick video message with my business partners &
thought you’d benefit from these perspectives as well — Enjoy!

How do you create your own energized start to your day? Feel
free to share your own experience in the comments below.

What Is Your Daily Practice?

Saw a wonderful little book called Manage Your Day-to-Day
on a stack of books at my sister’s this past weekend, and
glanced through a couple of the short posts from various
business & thought leaders. One by Seth Godin caught my eye,
including this thought that is still bouncing around in my
head after returning home and continuing to coach my business

professionals all have a daily practice.

It’s easy to create when you feel like it…the difference
between an amateur and a professional is that professionals
have a daily practice that they engage in consistently —
even when they don’t feel like it…and that’s led to their
productivity and results.

So my question for you (and myself) today is this:

What is your daily practice?

Manage Your Day-To-Day