Day #4 Changing the Rules…

Welcome to Day #4!

Today we’re changing the rules…another key step to
transforming your health and your life, and one you won’t
normally find in a “health” newsletter.

The following is excerpted from Dr. Ben’s Health Insights, something you’ll continue to receive if you initially opted in for this 7 day series there:

This morning I was discussing with a couple team members the
difference between Newtonian physics, which follows a set of
“rules” that seem to hold true for most physical situations,
and the more recently described theory of relativity and quantum
physics, which describe phenomena in newly discovered situations
where Newtonian rules don’t seem to hold “true”.

Many of us have grown up with a set of “rules” about earning
and deserving–and to an extent, these rules have seemed to
hold true and to “work”.

If you work hard, you can earn money, approval, even love…

and conversely, if you don’t work hard, do a good job, do
something right, “earn” it…then you don’t deserve money,
approval, love, happiness.

But is there another way to live that would bring more
fulfillment and joy than the “earn” principle?

I’m recognizing my own tendency to try to “earn” and to resist
receiving what I feel I haven’t “earned”.

This morning while sitting on the porch with my wife before
everyone else awoke, I realized that many of the great stories
from the Bible involved people receiving a promise that went
way beyond anything they could see or earn–whether it was a
way across the sea, water in the wilderness, or an heir to a
childless couple later in life.

In fact, the last 24 hours, the phrase “And Abraham believed God,
and it was reckoned to him as righteousness” keeps coming back to

Abraham’s “approval”, and his becoming the father to a whole
nation, was based solely on his believing God–and that when
his outward condition gave no evidence that this would be so.

“Earning” works to a certain extent–but it’s hard work and
often leaves us still striving and resisting.

What if we could learn to trust and surrender, to believe and
receive, to allow our good to come to us based on grace, based
on being, based on faith, rather than on our works or our “earning”.

A level of surrender is certainly required–surrender of our pride,
our  feeling of control, our habits of thinking and talking to

But what joy to really be free to receive!

Whatever your spiritual persuasion, many are now recognizing a
Source whom I personally call God that is all around us and is
for us.

An affirmation adapted from Florence Shinn that’s assisted me
recently is “God is my unfailing supply, and large sums of money
now come to me quickly, under grace, in perfect ways.”  You could
fill in whatever supply you are seeking–abundant life, vibrant
health, and so on.

“God is my unfailing supply, and vibrant health now flows to me
daily, under grace, in perfect ways…”

Believe and receive.  Allow your good to come to you.


Okay, that’s lesson 4.

Today we “Changed the Rules” and discussed another key factor to healing, receiving, and abundance.

Share your own experiences with earning vs. receiving and your response to today’s lesson below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Ben

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Day # 3 “Someone Else Knows…”

Welcome to Day #3!

Yesterday we covered the one key barrier you must release to heal.

Today we’ll continue with a brief note on an “antidote” to
feeling like you never have enough information…

…like there’s always something else you need to know…

This also is an excerpt from Dr. Ben’s Health Insights which you’ll
continue to receive by email if you registered for this series yourself, and remember to leave your comments and questions below!


This morning as I sat at the table with my wife Rachelle
eating Miso soup and salmon with cabbage (very tasty!), she
shared a phrase that jumped out at me–she said she was so
glad to be free of the constant feeling that:

Someone else knows…

In other words, she used to always feel like she had to find
the “right” information–what to eat, how to prepare it, etc…
and that “someone else” knew these answers, and she had to learn
them to do things “right”…

We have indeed gained a lot of valuable insights and information
from various resources over the years, yet Rachelle is now
resting in the contentment that she now knows what she wants,
and can gently walk from moment to moment and day to day with
curiosity, joy, and gratitude without the feeling of striving
for something she doesn’t know…

How about you?

Whether it’s finding answers for your health, what to eat, or
for your relationships or business, have you taken a few moments
to stop and ask yourself what you already know?

This may not be an “informational” knowledge, but more an
intuitive, inward knowing.

Take some time to listen to and rest in that inner voice, that
inner knowing today, and walk forward with curiosity, joy, and
gratitude for what this day will bring.


Well, there you go.

The antidote to getting caught up in the “frenzy” of
“never enough” information is to take a few moments each
day–when you first awaken, during a walk, or at the end of the
day–to pause and reflect on what you already know, and listen
to that inner voice of intuition.

This is the path of “listening” and of “wisdom” that goes beyond
mere “information gathering” and leads to peace and freedom from
“never enough”.

Have you ever been caught up in the “frenzy” of information overload?

Let me know your own experiences, solutions, and response to today’s
lesson in the comments below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Ben

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Tomorrow we talk about changing the rules…another key step
to transforming your health and your life, and one you won’t normally find in a “health” newsletter.  See you there!

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Day # 2 The One Key Barrier You Must Release To Heal

Welcome to Day #2!

Today we address the one key barrier you must release to heal.

I’ll introduce this to you with an excerpt from Dr. Ben’s Health
Insights (which you’ll continue to receive after this 7 day series
if you’re subscribed).

Identifying and releasing this barrier is so key that you’ll
want to take a few quiet moments with this, and then be sure to
“anchor” what you learn by leaving your comments, questions, or
impressions below:


Just before sitting down to write this, I was feeling fatigued
and a bit of “brain fog”, and though I felt pressured to keep
working, I decided to step outside for a moment for a quick bike

Biking in the warm sunshine and then through the
forest and past farm fields, breathing in the fresh
after-rain air, feeling the breeze and getting my body
moving was refreshing and restorative, and renewed my
concentration and focus, as well as my joy.

Yet I almost kept working feeling that I didn’t have the twenty
minutes to spare for this bike ride.

How many of you push yourselves because there’s

**never enough time and always more to do?**

In my coaching of clients and my own personal experience
recently, the issue of “never enough” has repeatedly come up,
and before we go further in to specific physical advice, I felt
this was a big enough and general enough issue to address today.

In treating the whole person as I work with clients, I begin
where a person is most ready to start–addressing either physical,
emotional, or spiritual health and expanding from there.

There are many resources that address the physical in terms
of nutrition, supplements, herbs, detoxifying, exercise
techniques, and so on, many of which I will share with you
in this letter series, but here’s a key:

Unless you let go of the feeling of never doing enough, and
ultimately not being enough, at a core level you will always
have a barrier to full healing and peace.

In my own family I saw my mother struggle with this for many
years.  As a nurse, she strove to keep up with both the
latest medical news as well as nutritional and alternative
information.  When she suddenly found herself fighting an
aggressive cancer untreatable by conventional medicine, she
did extensive research to find the best, and what she hoped
was the “right”, alternative treatment, which she pursued
diligently in terms of physical regimens and action, yet she
never found a way to integrate all that she did in to a
healthy framework that nurtured her soul as well as her
body–it was never “enough”–yet because of the real pressure
and threat of her cancer, she also never felt she could
relax and address the less tangible, “softer”, internal
issues–much as I almost felt too pressured to take the
twenty minute bike ride today that refreshed my body and

How has “never enough” affected you?

How many of you moms feel badly about how you fed your kids
today, or what you ate yourself today?

How many of you moms and dads feel badly about the time you
didn’t spend with your kids today?

How many of you feel you didn’t do enough in your school
work, your job, your household tasks, or you business

How do you think those feelings affect you as you go
to sleep and affect your energy and motivation the next day?

Now, what’s the antidote?

The glass is always half full or half empty.

Begin to take note of the half full part, and build
on that.

Learn to “get from the day” as speaker Jim Rohn
says, rather than just through the day.

End your day giving thanks and accepting yourself as you are
now so that you’re free to learn, grow, and develop the next
day without coming from a place of striving and “never enough.”

Here is a wonderful affirmation from author Louise Hay,
which you can use by putting your own name in place of hers:

Louise, you are wonderful, and I love you.
This is one of the best days of your life.
Everything is working out for your highest good.
Whatever you need to know is revealed to you.
Whatever you need comes to you.
All is well.


Say this to yourself in the mirror every morning for the next
7 days, and leave your comments, questions, and experiences

Dr. Ben

P.S.  Tomorrow we’ll talk about another “antidote” to “never enough”. Talk to you then!

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Day #1 Why Most Programs Fail

Welcome to Day #1!

Over the next 7 days, we’re going to cover key components to
transforming the way you feel in just minutes a day.

And since you’re a multi-dimensional being (you have thoughts
and feelings that affect how you feel just as much as anything
you put into your mouth), we’re going to address all dimensions
in this series with the insights that follow.

So let’s get started with today’s lesson,

**Why Most Programs Fail**

Ever tried a “program” to change your health or something in
your life only to be disappointed it “didn’t work”?

Before we talk about some of the specific physical steps you can
take to change your health and how you feel, today I want to share
with you the top two reasons why most programs “fail”, and at
the same time equip you with a strategy so that you never “fail”

Here’s the first reason:

**The Law of Incremental Change and Compounding Results**

Think for a moment of growing a tomato plant (a wonderful
analogy in Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life).

When the first green shoots spring up from the dirt, you don’t
stomp on them and say, “But I wanted a tomato!”

But isn’t that what you’ve done when attempting to “grow” other
results in your life?

Whether it’s changing your physique, releasing some weight,
eating healthier, or even a change in an arena other than health–
how you relate to your spouse or kids, or the results you’re
wanting to see in your business–how many times have you been
frustrated with yourself or your apparent “lack” of results?

Maybe you “messed up” this weekend and repeated an old habit,
or maybe you’ve been “trying really hard” but still not seeing
the results you want…

Or maybe you’re overwhelmed by a diagnosis or set of
circumstances and don’t know where to begin…

Well, no matter where you are right now, here’s where you start:

One step at a time.

Now this may seem obvious, but stick with me for a moment.

You can’t be anywhere other than where you are right now–
because that’s where you are.

So start here.

Start taking steps in the direction you want to head.

And start to accept and understand The Law of Incremental
Change and Compounding Results.

You’ve heard of the “penny doubling every day” becoming over
10 million by the end of 30 days.

Well, in the first few weeks, the visible changes are
INCREMENTAL…but the continuation of these incremental
changes begins to compound, and that’s when the magic

It’s the same with your health, your relationships, or any
other area of your life.

You may be ready for a quantum shift…and we’ve probably
all heard of personal transformation that happens virtually

But what happens for most people is the willingness to
cooperate with taking these incremental steps consistently,
and then allowing the magic of compounding to happen.

And compounding doesn’t just happen with money…

It happens in your body, and in any area of your life where
you allow new steps to begin to add together and create a

**new pattern**


**new results.**

And the compounding can happen rapidly…just like with the

and create almost “overnight” transformation.

But when you’re “in the middle of it,” if you don’t understand
this principle, you can “stomp” on your tomato shoots…

…stop the steps you’re taking…

before the compounding starts to take off…

and that’s what most people do.

That’s why most programs “fail”…

It’s not really that the program doesn’t work, or even that it
takes too long to see results.

Rather, it’s just that most people don’t understand the Law of
Incremental Change and Compounding Results, and they “pull out”
before the magic starts to happen.

Take a few minutes to ponder this throughout today, and  leave your comments and questions on today’s lesson below.

I look forward to hearing  from you!

Dr. Ben

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Tomorrow we’ll talk about the one key barrier you must release to heal.  See you there!

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Do you want to become well?

The last few days I’ve been percolating on the story from John chapter 5 where Jesus meets a man who’s been suffering under his condition thirty-eight years.

Jesus asks him a very interesting question,

“Do you want to become well?”

You’d think the answer was obvious.

But the man’s answer is also interesting.

He doesn’t answer “yes.”

Do you know what he says instead?

He starts giving the reasons why he can’t get well.

But that’s not what Jesus asked.

He didn’t ask whether the man thought he could become well, or why he hadn’t become well…

He asked, “Do you want to become well?”

Isn’t that what really matters?

“Do you want to become well?”

How often do you find yourself–whether it’s with your health, a personal relationship, or your finances–talking about your circumstances–why things are the way they are, why you can’t change or get better, or even whether you can get better…

What if for the next 7 days you take note whenever you find yourself talking this way and…


Hit the “pause” button.

And then ask yourself, “what do I want?”

“Do I want to become well?”

Immediately brings your focus back to center…


End of discussion.

Practice this week talking only about what you want, without discussing whether you think it’s possible, or all the reasons why it’s not.

Play the game.

“Do you want to become well?”

Let me know what happens…!

To your joyful and abundant well-being,

Dr. Ben

Ben Lo, MD
Life & Wellness Coach
Maximize your health in minimum time.

Getting off meds, your beliefs, and Law of Attraction…

Today I want to touch on one key to transforming your health—your belief.

And to start with something specific and measurable that affects many people, let’s talk about your belief as it applies to your own experience of:

1)  Medications—prescription or over-the-counter

2)  Chronic pain

3)  Chronic fatigue

4)  Trouble sleeping

One of the fastest and most powerful ways to transform your experience is to start addressing your belief.

What do you believe about your condition?

What do you believe is possible for you?

Change your beliefs, and you start changing the path of experience you’re on.

Add your comments below on:

1) What area of your health would you most like to see changed?

2) What are your current beliefs about your condition and the possibility of change?

I look forward to hearing from you, and enjoy the posts below! 

Dr. Ben
Maximize your health in minimum time.

P.S.  Just read the 3rd free online lesson from SOGR on the Law of Attraction (You can get your own free 7-lesson series at upper right here.)

This 3rd lesson gives two key techniques—one you’re likely familiar with, but because it’s so obvious, you may not actually be intentionally practicing it on a daily basis, and the second may surprise you—with a great story and several applications to “major” life situations.  It’s called the “Energy Redirection” technique.  When you read the lesson, I’d love to hear your own examples of redirecting energy in this way!