What Do You Want to “Get Good At” This Week?

Here’s the first in a short 3 day “mini-series” of 3 key ingredients to focus on “getting good at” in any area of business or life you want to progress in — Enjoy!

Create “Mini Vacations”

As a followup to last week’s post on magnifying your good by celebrating highlights of your day, here’s a quick video tip I shot on the shores of Lake Michigan while out with my wife and youngest two kids this morning.  You’ll actually see our youngest son run by me halfway through the video – he knows how to “dive right in”…to water…and to life…


Dr. Ben

P.S.  Would love to hear about your own “mini vacation” ideas – ways you refresh & recharge & connect to what you love, in the comments below.

What Experience Are You Creating…?

Just recorded this in town this morning while out with my son…some key thoughts on creating an experience–after seeing thought leader & brand consultant Matthew Sapaula last night–applicable to both business and personal relationships. A bit dim because I’m next to a fireplace, but you’ll get the gist…Enjoy! And let me know your own stories in life and business of “creating an experience” in the comments below!