How To Achieve Your Goals With More Ease — An Intriguing Perspective

ben-lo-tsf-slider1I was just asked to give a presentation on goal-setting at an
upcoming event and thought I’d share a couple initial thoughts

Now I know that this is often a topic on people’s minds as we’re
about to wrap up one year and begin a new one, especially those
of us engaged in personal development, coaching, or an
entrepreneurial enterprise such as a home business.


What comes to mind when you think about this topic?

Today I thought I’d mention two common “pitfalls” and an
intriguing perspective, part of which has come across my path
this very week.

Now if you’re someone who’s already great at setting goals
and achieving them, you may appreciate this as an insight
into what many, if not most, people struggle with. Second
the perspective below may enhance your own experience
and give you a new level of mastery to aim for.

First, the pitfalls.

I find when it comes to setting goals, many people either:

1) Don’t have them
(or their goals are vague)


2) They have goals, but they haven’t built a “bridge” in their
thinking and their actions that will get them from where
they are now to where they want to be.

Hence there’s a gap that makes their goals more “wishful thinking”
and something that can even bring pain because they haven’t
achieved them and don’t really believe they can.

Can you relate?

Now today, rather than give a whole treatise on setting goals, I
wanted to share an intriguing perspective that I’ve
encountered recently — part of it this very week.

Let me preface this section with a question:

How are you using your imagination?

Albert Einstein has said, “Imagination is moreImagination
important than knowledge.”

What I’m finding with goal-setting is that imagination is key
as well.

And learning to develop our imagination, and to build a
“bridge” from where we are now to where we want to be,
is a “muscle” that can be developed.

Are you ready to develop yours at another level?

So here’s the intriguing perspective — drawn from a couple
different sources.

First is Dr. Joe Dispenza’s intriguing work applying the
principles of energy and quantum physics to “rewiring” our
brain and body — essentially creating new patterns — that
affect what we manifest and experience both in our bodies
and in our lives.

Two great reads along these lines are his books Breaking
the Habit of Being Yourself and his most recent You Are the

Fascinating reads.

And one of the intriguing statements found in his meditations
is, “It’s not your job to create it; it’s your job to design it.”

In the intro to You Are the Placebo, he talks about his own
experience with shattered vertebra, and shifting his imagination
from seeing himself in a wheelchair to feeling himself showering,
walking, and enjoying the sunshine again.

It’s intriguing to note that despite being told that he’d
sever his spinal cord if he stood up, within 9 and a half weeks
after his accident, he was able to get up and walk, and within
10 weeks he was seeing patients again.

Another source — a quote I just read online this week — refers
to enjoying something in our imagination to such an extent that
its very manifestation in our experience becomes “the next
logical step.”

A bit different perspective on goal-setting for the New Year.

Using our imagination to make something real to us so that it’s
manifestation becomes the next logical step.

Now let me conclude this brief discussion by mentioning that
action does take place — however it’s much easier to take
effective action — and enjoy the process of taking action —
when our imagination is already paving the way before us and
in essence drawing us into the new results, or new reality,
we’re wanting to create and experience.

So I ask again:

How are you using your imagination?

What if you could tap into this powerful tool at a whole new
level to assist you in creating the business results, personal
goals, and ultimately, a life you love in the year ahead?

I look forward to hearing your own experiences and progress
in the comments below.


Dr. Ben

P.S. If you’re currently in transition or looking to expand
your income or your impact beyond what you’re doing now,
you can join me at Work with Dr. Ben.

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