What’s your Kryptonite? (Guest post from Rachelle)

So we all know the story of Superman and how kryptonite made him ineffective.  His experience gives an intriguing perspective on our own.


We all wrestle with things that take us out from reaching our potential, or thriving in our relationships.

One of the benefits of being in free enterprise with Ben for over a decade now is that I have learned much about myself.  I know more about what my fears are.  I know that sometimes I will get stuck and depressed.  I know what makes me ineffective.

Here is a very recent story:  I struggled for several months about where I should focus my efforts, and I felt overwhelmed by the “daily feeding” and what felt like a burden of supporting our kids’ schooling and needs.   It really took me out.

Thankfully, I made a little trip to Michigan and got recharged by girlfriends and remembered what abundance and support felt like.   It was a sweet tipping point.   Once home, I got into a groove with my food and the ideas for writing and marketing came flooding in.  I was also excited to add my enthusiasm to Ben’s efforts.

And then, I got back on Facebook;  my sweet Kryptonite.

On our Mac I seemed to be able to handle it:    I focused on our international team and sending out value on my Biz pages.   But once I put it on my phone,  my brain flow and imagination disappeared. I kept checking the notifications and, embarrassingly found myself reacting internally to political stances.  I got so distracted, I quit exercising and writing.   It seemed  like I lost weeks of momentum in only a day.    I lost this “Super Entrepreneur in self-mastery,  creating ideas in the sauna, powerful woman”.

The difference this time around is that I have a new sense of kindness to myself.  I have  a knowledge that even though I am stuck or feel like a failure, I can change.  I can find my sweet spot and vision again.  It helps to choose that All is Well in this moment.  It also helps to eventually laugh and celebrate that you have more material for writing, and for coaching others.

Whatever your Kryptonite, you can get to a better place.  You can keep making your vision a reality.   It isn’t just starting over, but rather keeping on with new clarity and strength.

It is so worth it.

Rachelle LoRachelle Lo is a “mom-preneur” running a household of 7 kids plus Ben 🙂 She loves English breakfast tea, her dutch bike, and sharing food ideas with friends, and now writes as a columnist for the New Buffalo Times.  Connect with her on Facebook at Rachelle Lo

For entrepreneurs – how I used Facebook this week to connect with local business prospects I didn’t know previously

Just a quick note as Social Media continues to explode new
ways to connect and re-connect faster than ever before.

Just this week, in looking for referrals for a key project
I’m working on,I was given a couple local names that may be
a good fit.

In the past, I may have called them directly using the 3rd-
party reference, but still essentially coming “out-of-the-blue”
and “cold”.

What I was able to do instead this week, was find them on
Facebook and discover we have several mutual “friends” including
the person who referred me.

So rather than call them immediately, I sent them a quick
message referencing our mutual contacts and shared interests,
and that I was looking forward to connecting further.

They immediately reciprocated, and now I have a channel for
creating “familiarity”, as Facebook expert Robert Grant puts it,
and building a connection from which it will be much easier
to then explore the possibilities of collaborating on a project,
rather than approaching them “cold” when they still have almost no
reference for how I fit into their “map of the world”.

So Facebook (as well as Twitter and other forms of social media)
now allow avenues of communication and connection that previously
didn’t exist–and which can happen fast–to create new associations,
partnerships, and business and personal results, depending
on what you’re seeking.

Little nuggets like this can transform the way you do business,
and make it a lot more rewarding and fun as well, and if you’d
like to dive in and learn more right away, I just learned of a
recorded interview of Robert Grant (from yesterday) on how to
use Facebook effectively for business.  Robert is interviewed by
online educator and entrepreneur Alex Mandossian, and you can
access the interview right here (affiliate link).

If this is an area that interests you, I’d hop on this first
thing this weekend, as I understand there’s some special training
you can choose to access as a result, but only until Midnight


Dr. Ben