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Welcome to the new Dr. Ben Blog!  This is where I will post additional insights and resources, and where we can interact on what’s most important to you. Remember, at any time you can email me a question at , and I’ll find a way to address it through my Dr. Ben’s Health Insights ezine or here on the Blog, or via teleseminar.

Today I’d love to know what’s on your mind about weight loss.  I just reviewed the program “Fat Loss 4 Idiots” (see post below).  Let me know your own impressions and experience with the program, and any questions you have about it or about healthy weight loss in general.  You can add your comments by clicking on “comments” above or below. 

I look forward to interacting with you in this new format, and contributing to your personal health and life transformation! 

Dr. Ben

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14 thoughts on “New Blog from Dr. Ben”

  1. Add your comments, thoughts, and questions about “Fat Loss 4 Idiots” and Healthy Weight Loss in general here.

    What’s your biggest question?

    What’s worked the best for you so far?

    What’s an area you’d still like a solution for?

  2. My biggest question about weight loss in general for me is: Why do I have times in my life where I can do well in regards to healthy eating and exercising for long periods of time and then totally lose control? It is not just lack of motivation, it’s deeper than that. It’s more than even doing it long enough for it to become a habit and part of my lifestyle…at least for me.
    Only on Day 1, but the knowing I have control is what I like. I know I have “control issues” as in liking to be in control in various areas of my life. I know I have made tremendous strides in this arena over the past year. That is, letting go…delegating responsibilities etc. Not just micromanaging certain areas of my life (usually my job) and others being totally out of control. I have more of a balance. And it has been good. Interestingly, the eating has been more out of control than ever. So, here now, I am again in control of what I shop for, taking responsibility to prepare the meals ahead of time and eat what will benefit my body. And determined to figure this out for the long term this time.

  3. Hi Natalie,

    Control is a big issue for many of us…smile…

    Sometimes allowing ourselves a sense of control in a specific area like you’re now doing with the healthy weight loss program, while also releasing control at the “big picture” level, can create a momentum that then spreads to other areas of our life.

    Focus on creating new patterns, taking steps daily, and celebrating each step of progress along the way, and you’ll lay new tracks for your mind, emotions, beliefs, and your body to run on!

    I Look forward to hearing more of your progress and success along the way!

    Dr. Ben

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  4. Yes, that is it…releasing being a key word. Having gratitude and celebration each day is also something I have become acutely aware of..and the difference that consciously doing this makes when done consistently.

    One thing that stops me in my tracks that at least I have been able to do a little, is imagine what life may be like when I am thin. “Is it okay for Natalie to be thin, beautiful and healthy?” Well, yes, just in my mind so hard to believe or even imagine, actually unimaginable…to the point I have never really had a visual picture in my head. So, I literally cannot imagine. Wow. So, I have been forcing myself to imagine myself…me…and what my body might look like. And, I like it!! It feels strange, but I will get used to it.
    This is THE issue that makes me cringe, angry, self conscious, afraid. I have lived as the heavy, large, or overweight person…now is time for the fit, healthy, beautiful and dare I say thin (NOT THICK ! ) Natalie. Whoo!
    Happy to be on the journey!!!

  5. Fantastic, Natalie, and yes–this is an identity shift you’re talking about…congratulations on allowing yourself to have fun stepping into a new picture of yourself!

    Dr. Ben

  6. I’m following the plan exactly, and that feels good.
    Also, I have been picturing me thin. Even when I look at myself, I make a conscious effort to view that part of my body small.
    And, instead of losing weight, which may have a negative connotation somewhere in my subconscious, I say I am releasing weight. Instead of focusing on past or even how things are now, I just look at now as residual effects from the past and look forward, though I am careful to speak affirmations in the present.
    Question: Should all of this be done in the present tense…as your subconcious does not recognize past or future?

  7. Yes–“releasing” feels much better than “losing”, doesn’t it!

    And yes–writing and speaking in the presence tense is key…because really the present tense is where you are…and speaking something new in the present tense brings that into your present experience!

    Well done, Natalie!

    Dr. Ben

  8. Happy Saturday!
    The sense of control gets stronger each day. I am enjoying it, stopping and really appreciating it and also celebrating it. I am speaking my affirmations in the present tense, often and each day. I am reading prior to sleep and waking up with affirmations, focus on the positive and celebration. I am not sure why, though I have known to do this in the past, and done it to some extent, why at this point I am so lazer focused. I believe it is a combiniation of the “plan”, the coaching and taking time each day to learn. I don’t question the past, but rather enjoy the present. Enjoy the journey. I feel so free. It is an amazing and awesome feeling. My goal is only to have others feel this as it is so wonderful.
    I know I am changing a core belief that I had of myself in the past. I realized while processing the coaching session when you asked “is is okay for Natalie to be beautiful, happy, healthy and thin?” , that though I would reply “yes”, I had an internal struggle with that. My core belief was that it was not okay, that it would always be a struggle if I was thin, that I would have to go through extensive, unrealistic actions to obtain it. By simply working on actions, that core belief that has been with me for my entire adult life is changing. I have a long way to go, and other struggles will arise, but now I am equipped to handle them. Thank you for your wisdom and desire to help others, and to God for leading me to you and this program.

  9. Thanks for sharing your journey, Natalie…you identify key transitions that will benefit others on their path!

    And yes, engaging in new patterns that feel good to you and taking note of and celebrating each step and success along the way as we’ve discussed will continue the momentum you’ve begun and open doors of new possibility, self-perception, and life experience for you.

    Well done!

    Dr. Ben

  10. I have been consistently doing my homework! Each day brings new surprises, so in way, expected surprises as that is what I am speaking into my reality. I have read chapter 2 part A and did my homework both last night and this morning: the celebrating and speaking thankfulness. I am radiating a new kind of power and things that in the past would have stopped me for a moment, just go by now. In addition, as I am expecting good things in not just the weight loss but other areas of my life as well the following happened today.
    -Not due for a raise until next February. Today I received a 50 cent per hour raise (at my JOB), but that equals about $1000.00 per year.
    -From the sale of my house, I received an additional unexpected payment of $196.00
    -My sales on are higher than ever, almost daily.
    -I am receiving new Mary Kay customers each day. Every day I am selling products to new customers.
    These changes are enormous for me right now.
    I anticipate good things each day and am so excited about the present and the future.
    And, this is not a secret anymore. It is doing what I am told and believing, changing my core, changing my thought and actions. And attracting amazing things!
    Good bye guilt…doubt and so many others!
    Thank you for your support and guidance! Talk to you soon!
    Oh, and I didn’t weigh myself again, I am going to do it weekly. That is reasonable and I know I am doing well, so I don’t need the constant confirmation of the scale, which can be misleading!

  11. These are signs of powerful shifts you’re allowing and experiencing, Natalie…and great job taking note of them and celebrating them!

    Glad you’re enjoying and applying what you’re learning in the “Release 10 Pounds in 30 Days Or Less” ebook.

    Your enthusiasm and willingness to apply and celebrate what you’re learning are creating wonderful pathways for you…congratulations!

    Dr. Ben

    Maximize your health in minimum time.

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