Why I chose Network Marketing

Have you ever questioned what you’re doing, or wondered what
you “should” be doing to make a living and make a difference?

The other day I was listening to one of the founders of the
company I’m partnered with talking about how when he grew up,
people would say, “Do what you love.”

Probably something you’ve heard before and thought about, too,
just like me. 

He said that phrase was confusing for him, though, because he
loved to play basketball and he loved to ski, but he wasn’t
sure how he could make money doing those things.

It was later on in life that he discovered that the key for
him was to find something to do that was in alignment with his
.  From there he could derive passion and purpose.

So as I reflect on my journey into network marketing – from
electrical engineering to medicine, and now to developing an
international business team from the comfort of our home in a
resort town in Michigan, I remember a vivid & key moment for
me about eight years ago.  I was standing in our first home at
the edge of our small kitchen facing the end of our living-room
couch, and found myself asking God to enlarge my heart for people.

I don’t remember what pre-ceded that moment, but I distinctly remember that moment.  Perhaps you’ve had moments like that which still stick in your memory today.

It was shortly after that that I was introduced to the business team that would transform both mine and my family’s life. 

And as I’m sitting here on the roof of Joe’s overlooking the harbor (that’s where I was when I recorded a quick message to myself with these tho’ts), one of the things that stands out to me is the answer to this question:

What are the values that have brought me here to network marketing?

And I realize that the core value that’s brought me here is the desire, and the purpose, and the passion to empower people.

That’s one of the things I love about network marketing – much like what was at the heart of what I did as a physician – the opportunity to work with people to improve their lives.

What drove me here was a desire for freedom and flexibility to be with my family, and what’s kept me here is the opportunity to work with people to change their lives – people whom I might otherwise never have known.

Oh, and my wife’s leaning over to say in my ear, “I love our life” as I’m listening to the soundtrack of Prince Caspian and typing this doesn’t hurt either…as well as the whole world of learning and growth that has opened up to us and our children through the doorway of entrepreneurship.

But it wasn’t always this way – there’s definitely been a journey and a process…and having a core vision and values – even ones that have developed, been tested, and become more clear along the way have been key.

So here’s a question for you – what are your core values?

What’s important to you?

And how can you connect what you’re doing daily to what’s important to you?

Look forward to hearing your own thoughts in the comments below, and in the meantime, here’s a video shared with me by my 13yo daughter – and choreographed by a very gifted young choreopgrapher in the Chicago area. Both the song and the dance communicate a simple yet radiant joy and spirit that I think you’ll appreciate as well. 


Dr. Ben

The Call

How perception and choice affect your day.

One of the things that I find powerful is what is triggered
in me when I read something or hear someone speak. Last
week I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Valencia Ray,
the “Confidence Doc”, speak in the Chicago area, and I’ve just
begun reading her book Empower Up & Play Big. One of the
neat things about hearing Dr. Ray speak and reading her book
has been the reminder of how much perception impacts us.

If I have the perception that I don’t have enough time — or
I never have enough time with my family — I could keep living
out that belief and that perception.

Or as I become aware that it’s just a perception, I can start
asking myself – and this is what her talk and book catalyzed
in me – I can start asking myself door-opening questions:

Ok. What could I shift?

If having more time is important to me, what could I shift right
now about my choices?

As I look back on my day and where I’m spending my time…

…and at what kind of habits I’ve created…

where could I start questioning and becoming more aware and not
taking for granted where my time goes…

and consciously choose?

So one of the neat things that Dr. Ray’s talk and her book have
done for me is remind me to become aware of my perceptions…or
my assumptions if you will…and to start being more conscious
and deliberate again about what I’m choosing rather than just
going through my day on autopilot.

So here’s a question for you:

What are you choosing today, and what could you become more aware
of and conscious about…and deliberate and intentional about…
in your day that’s important to you?

Hopefully this brief reflection on perception and choice will
trigger an empowering response in you.

Look forward to hearing your comments below.

To a blessed and wonderful week!

Dr. Ben

P.S. For further practical application on making deliberate
choice in your day, see  “The Power of 10 Minutes A Day”

“90% of what runs your life is out of your awareness.”

“Life is made up of a series of choices, not chances.”

                                                                    — Dr. Valencia Ray