Living in Abundance — an Example From the Life of Ben Franklin

Today I’d like to ask you a question, share with you a story, and then give you an affirmation.

Here’s the question:  are you living in lack, or in abundance?

Now the story—a true one—from Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography.

Ben gives a very matter-of-fact account of his arrival in Philadelphia when he was barely more than a boy.  Not knowing anyone in Philadelphia or even having a place to stay on his arrival, he set out on the several-day journey from Boston.  After rowing all night with fellow travelers, he arrived in the morning with nothing but some change in his pocket and a strong belief that he could open and run his own print shop.

With a seemingly care-free spirit, Ben walked from the wharf to a baker’s where he bought 3-penny worth of bread and received 3 large rolls—more than he expected.  He put one roll under each arm and ate the third.

As he walked back along the wharf, he realized he was full after one roll; so he gave the other two to a mother and child who had come over on the boat with him — even though he didn’t yet know where he’d be staying or where his next meal would come from.

Then he set off to find lodging and eventually to meet the current printers in town and begin working.

Thus began a famous period in Ben Franklin’s life.

The picture of Ben Franklin walking along the wharf with two rolls under his arm, eating one, and then giving the other two away even though he didn’t yet have a place to stay that night, his next meal lined up, or a source of income secured, really struck me.  Ben’s attitude and actions depict the belief summed up in the affirmation I want to leave you with today (from Florence Shinn’s The Power of the Spoken Word):

Whatever I desire or require is always at hand.  I am Divinely provided for.

What if we lived each day with that sense — willing to take the steps available before us like Ben did, while not fretting about what we don’t yet see?

Feel free to share your own stories in the comments below.

Blessings, and have a wonderful week!