Shifting Paradigms…

While walking my daughter to sleep just before lunch, I was
pondering the Bob Proctor video I watched late last night on
shifting our paradigms – the “unseen” programs that run much
of our lives beyond our conscious awareness.

Ever wonder why, despite the best of intentions to change
something, you often find yourself falling back into the same
patterns over and over?

Well, as Bob explains so clearly (and many others before him
have indicated), much of our lives are run by subconscious
programming that we’ve accumulated over years.

The good news is, we can change that programming…and the
habits and patterns that arise from them.

But it takes both a desire and an intention to change, and
then a “recipe” of specific steps.

My question for you today is, what’s one area that you want to
change now?

Something in your health, your energy, your weight, your family
or relationships or how you spend your time, or perhaps your
finances or business results?

Next, what’s one step you can take, or new habit you can implement,
during the next 21 days to start shifting in this one area?

How about posting your decision, thoughts, or comments below –
I look forward to hearing from you.

Here’s to shifting our paradigms and creating more and more
consciously in our lives!

Dr. Ben

P.S. If you’d like to see the video from Bob Proctor and some of
his examples on how to shift your paradigms, you can do so here
(takes you to a registration screen that’s a bit “hypey” but the
content is really good).  Enjoy!

Two ways to learn the Science of Getting Rich

Here’s a quick heads up on two ways to get this powerful
resource…and one of them is free

Many of you know of “The Secret” DVD that became popular
in the last couple of years and showed many how powerfully
our own thoughts and feelings affect our life experience.

Well, last night Bob Proctor, one of the speakers on “The
Secret”, released a digital download version of his in depth
Science of Getting Rich course.

This is a very comprehensive and powerful course, and the
digital version makes it accessible to virtually everyone.

You can access it directly here:

Bob Proctor’s Science Of Getting Rich Course

If for some reason you’re not ready to invest in the full
course, which “unpackages” years of experience and application
of Wallace Wattles’ original work, you can still at least
get Mr. Wattles’ book as a free download through Rebecca
Fine’s site

Give yourself one of these gifts…and consider sharing with
a friend as well.


Dr. Ben

For your weekend listening…

Just learned about this interview between Bob Proctor & John
Assaraf (2 of the spkrs on The Secret DVD), where John talks
about the personal strategies behind his success, and the key
role Bob played.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting John Assaraf a few years
ago, and am looking forward to listening to this interview
myself this weekend!

You can access it here.


Dr. Ben

If you’ve been thinking about your finances lately…

Just read this “Special Wealth Report” from one of Bob Proctor’s proteges…very creatively done, only takes minutes to read, and makes a powerful point.

If you’ve been thinking about your finances at all these days, take a few moment’s break and read this report, then let me know how it impacts your own thinking in the comments below,