What “Thoughts” Do You Have In Front Of You?

Today I want to ask a very practical question:

What thoughts do you have in front of you?

You’re probably very familiar with affirmations–speaking out, or
affirming, something that you want to be true, or something
you’re choosing to identify with.

Today I want to give you a key perspective and practical step
you can take.

As a result of a coaching call with a good friend and mentor, I
recently wrote out a few phrases I wanted to focus on each day–
not as something I was trying to “make happen” or “force” into being
by “trying really hard”, but rather simply as key thoughts I
wanted to have in front of me every day–to create a new track
for my brain to run on, particularly in some key areas I’m
wanting to shift and expand in right now.

As I look at these specifically chosen thoughts written out in front
of me throughout my day, I’m finding that they rapidly “retune” and
“refocus” my thinking…

…and how I feel…

on the spot.

And at the same time, I’m laying new “grooves” and creating new,
consiously and purposefully chosen “tracks” for my thoughts to run
on in these specific areas.

What thoughts are you choosing today?

Do you have them out in front of you where you can “retune” and
“refocus” throughout your day?

Let me know your own experience purposefully shifting your
thinking in the comments below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Ben

Author: Dr. Ben

I'm a doc who was gone in the office, then found a way to be home with my wife and now 7 kids, while making a difference in people's lives around the globe. I love good books, adventures with my family, dark chocolate with coconut, & empowering moms & dads to create a business and ultimately, a life they love. Learn more at www.drbenlo.com or contact me directly at drbenlo7@gmail.com . I look forward to connecting with you!

6 thoughts on “What “Thoughts” Do You Have In Front Of You?”

  1. I’ve been a Type I diabetic for 36 years now–3 shots of insulin and numerous blood tests daily. Also have recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease-no wheat, rye, barley, oats or processed foods. Added to that is a new discovery….no milk, ice cream, cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese or butter, and then two weeks ago nuts, potatoes, tomatoes, peaches and numerous other things have been taken out of my diet. Life is not easy with so little to eat!

    Today I received blood test results: Microalbumin 282.9, creatinine 338, microalbumin/creatin 60 along with 8 other “high” scores.

    I guess I don’t know what to think except “sadness”. I do feel that most of my “freedom” has been taken away with these current events. Any thoughts?

  2. Hi Lynda,

    Sounds like your brain and body have been on a certain “trajectory” for quite some time…and to change that, you’ll want to begin changing some foundational patterns…and your patterns of thinking are a great place to start, because they affect our actions and how we feel, so I commend you for your courage in reaching out for a different way to look at things.

    One little but powerful pattern change you can begin practicing right now is noting that, although all the things you cite above affect you, there probably wasn’t a big “change” physically between the day before you got the recent tests results, and right after you got them…all that changed was your knowledge of them and what they meant to you–the feeling that everything’s getting worse and your freedom’s being taken away without your having any control…

    Here’s where you can begin “turning the train” around and feeling some control–start by noticing that in the moment, nothing actual changed except your knowledge of certain test results…so what if you asked yourself, what’s something “good” you could focus on that feels a little better?

    You may say, “But that doesn’t change anything.” But neither did your test results…yet you felt profoundly worse after getting the news that everything was “high”…so take back some of that control…and change the trajectory of your thoughts by finding a way to look at something that feels better…because that will impact how you feel…and will actually impact your very cells as well.

    Next, to continue understanding ways to change your patterns, and shift the “direction” you’re heading, you can read the post at https://doctorbenlo.com/blog/?p=51 and then go back and review the 7-day e-course at https://doctorbenlo.com

    Let me know what you’re thinking…and how you’re feeling…over the next 7 days. All the best to you, Lynda!

  3. Time to stop giving the mind the power it never had.
    After all, it exists only in… our mind.
    The price we pay for relying on it is the continuing alternation between the pleasure and pain.
    Knowingness of the “I AM” (and enjoyment of it) is something that will never be taken away.

    Spiritual Blog’s last blog post..Nirvana as Extinction – Is Spirituality a Myth?

  4. Ah…another level of awareness…and surrender and release…Isn’t it amazing the games…and the struggles…we play out in our mind!

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