How To Navigate the “Sea” of Natural Health Information…(or How to Feel Better Today…Even Without Knowing “All the Answers”)

Today I’ve prepared a special 2-part video for you triggered by the following question:

“In my Quest for good health, my biggest concern is the different answers you get when you only need a accurate answer, believe me when I say it can be a large difference, example, the research I have done on coral calcium, 1000mg per day with 1/2 that amount in magnesium and about 750 IUs of vitamin D, There are some that say 1000mg of calcium is too much, others say more 1200 and 1500 mgs of magnesium, no mention of vitamin D, just a sample…”

Now whether or not you have a question about calcium, in the following 2-part video I’m going to give you a great free resource you can access online that’s like having your own online natural health encyclopedia, and then I’m also going to give you some key guidelines for navigating the sea of health information in a way that’s simple yet powerfully effective.

So enjoy, and leave your comments, questions, and feedback below!  (Be sure to scroll down and watch both part A and Part B–they’re only about 9 minutes each!)

Dr. Ben

Part A:  (Scroll down to watch Part B after you finish Part A)

Part B:

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Author: Dr. Ben

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2 thoughts on “How To Navigate the “Sea” of Natural Health Information…(or How to Feel Better Today…Even Without Knowing “All the Answers”)”

  1. This makes two venues in which you have elevated my mood when elevation was direly needed- –

    In my math,that makes me a debtor.
    I’ll be discharging my obligations, directly.

    To paraphrase what your good by sounds like on the phone, when you hurry- – – MOGADEESHU !!

  2. Wonderful, Charles–and no debts, just use and enjoy…and we’ll all benefit in return!

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