Day #5 Turning a downward cycle around

Welcome to Day #5!

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Now ever feel lousy and just don’t know how to change it, even
though you want to?

Well, today you’ll learn simple techniques that can change how you
feel in minutes.

Once you realize how easy this is, you won’t have to stay in
a “funk” any longer than you choose to ever again!

Here we go:


First, how we feel about ourselves affects how we treat ourselves.

Whether it’s our eating habits, exercising, smoking, or
overworking, how we feel about ourselves affects what we choose
to do and is ultimately reflected in our health.

When do you tend to overeat?

When do you binge on sugar or junk food?

When do you smoke?

How do you feel afterward?

Are you ready to break the cycle?

As we’ve already discussed, changing your thoughts and what
you say to yourself is key.

The amazing thing, however, is that we can also reverse the
process–treat ourselves well to start shifting how we feel!

When you’re feeling low, take a hot bath or shower, go for
a brisk walk, listen to an inspiring song, eat an apple or
something that makes you feel healthy.

Changing the “signals” or “messages” you give your mind and
body in this way will put you on the path to life and health,
and as you reinforce these signals with healthy affirmations

“Wow–this feels good!  I feel healthy!  I’m glad I did that!”

you can turn a downward cycle around.

Lastly, experiment this week with looking at yourself in the
mirror and saying, “…you are wonderful, and I love you!”

Whether you feel it or not, say it with enthusiasm, and you
will again give your brain and body, even at the cellular level,
new and healthy signals that will create **new patterns** in
your thinking, your feeling, and your health.


Okay, let me know your own experiences with shifting how you
feel, and leave your comments and questions below!

Tomorrow we’ll shift gears to something very concrete:

fat & sugar

and 3 key steps you can take to shift your energy and how you
feel today.

Dr. Ben

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Author: Dr. Ben

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11 thoughts on “Day #5 Turning a downward cycle around”

  1. I have lost a great deal of weight and I did this by in part by being very mindfull of when, what and how I was eating. Early on I began journaling what I was eating and why I was eating. That helped me control portions and to identify things that trigger absent-minded eating – which is the kind that gets me into trouble. I found that I ate when I was bored or tired, like I was using food as a stimulator. Since I was keeping a very hectic schedule at the time this made a lot of sense. By doing this I was able to stop the behavior and replace it with something else. Thus I changed my patterns of behavior and lost the weight. More importantly, I have kept it off. Now when I am tired I rest, I exercise instead of eat. I don’t run around like a crazy person. I am better to myself and I like myself, how I look and feel much more than ever before. That positive reinforcement and the self encouragement has helped me tremendously. I posted tons of little affirmations all over my house, on the mirror, fridge, in the car, etc for a long time and that helped as well.

  2. Congratulations on the patterns you’ve turned around, Brittany, and thanks for sharing the steps you took to get there!

  3. You’re right Dr Ben. I always feel better about myself when I choose to do something healthy for myself, but I never thought about using that behavvior to change my attitude.
    Thanks for the tip!

  4. It’s hard to come right out and say this, but I don’t take care of myself. I always try to put my family’s wants and needs ahead of my own. It is a struggle to be selfless without neglecting myself and to understand that sometimes being deserving is not being selfish.

    kim’s last blog post..homage to eli

  5. Yes, these are key questions you’re asking yourself, Kim…and it’s a great shift to move beyond a “self vs. others” thinking so common to many of us, and to begin experiencing that you’re own thriving can become a channel of blessing to all those around you!

  6. I have no problem getting happy all it takes is a great song or a funny show, but the moment that ends and I need to get back to the things that made me feel down at the first place I feel bad again! unfortunatly I can’t listen to music all day long..

  7. Yes, this is a common experience, Jamie. The next step is to practice finding a way of looking at the things you “have to” deal with each day in a way that feels a little better, or simply from the “broader” perspective that there’s more to life than just “those things” and now maybe you’re not so “bummed out” by those things as you were when they were all that filled your attention. The key is to practice shifting your patterns, and even a little bit can make a big difference over time. One simple but powerful way to do this is the next time you feel “down”, catch yourself, and “practice” finding something to appreciate in that moment. All the best to you!

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