3 Surprising Secrets of Effective Weight Loss Maintainers

I just finished listening to a fascinating seminar on obesity and wanted to quickly share with you three keys of successful “weight loss maintainers” that you can apply right away.

But before I do, did you know that obesity is increasing worldwide, even in Asian countries, and is now considered a worldwide epidemic just like AIDS and is killing millions of people yearly? 

If you’ve ever struggled with your weight or body image, here are a few characteristics you can probably relate to: 

A feeling of lack of control–for “serial dieters” this feeling can be overwhelming leading to feelings of hopelessness and futility.

Trying many programs and products–more than 10 is common.

Yo-yo weight loss…where the “lost” weight comes back…(this is where changing your vocabulary to “releasing” rather than “losing” weight can have a powerful effect.)

Blaming yourself.

Poor self-image and self-worth.

Now, want to know 3 secrets of those who have been successful not only at “losing weight” but at maintaining a healthy body shape long-term?

Here’s 3 that jumped out at me from the seminar today:

1)  They eat regular meals–they actually DON’T allow themselves to get “ferociously hungry” and they focus on choosing high quality foods rather than on quantity

2)  They accumulate physical activity throughout the day rather than in intense workouts.  This includes simply walking across the parking lot, taking the stairs, and even “fidgeting” per a Mayo Clinic study–anything that burns calories–and they recognize that little steps throughout the day add up and create powerful results.

In fact, during actual 24-hour calorie-burning measurements in one study, the days when people burned the most calories were the days when they were just “doing lots of stuff”–active and moving throughout the day–NOT the days when they did an intense workout!

3)  They celebrate the steps that lead to success–not just weight loss itself, but the actual steps such as those above that lead to healthy body transformation!

Now pause a moment and ask yourself, how can you apply 1 or more of these steps consciously and intentionally to your day today!


Okay.  Now want to know an additional secret to healthy weight loss?

One of the breakthrough keys to the Healthy Weight Loss program called FatLoss4Idiots is the concept of focusing on calories per meal rather than calories per day–and that eating the same number of calories a day, but spreading them out between 4-6 meals rather than 2 or 3 can actually trigger increased metabolism–increased fat burning–in your body.

A very simple, but powerful concept.

And you can actually do this without counting calories or reading labels!

If you’d like to learn more, and experience gaining back control of your body’s metabolism with simple, healthy steps that you can start today and at a one-time price that virtually anyone can afford, go straight to:

Burn Fat, Turn Up Your Metabolism, and Release Weight with the Healthy Weight Loss Program.  (click here for “FatLoss4Idiots”)

Now if you want to take an additional step, and use cutting edge technology never before available for personal use at home to actually measure the calories you’re personally burning each day, you can email me directly at drben@doctorbenlo.com and I’ll fill you in on new technology just released this week called “My Victory”.

Here’s to your health, and to transforming your life!

Dr. Ben

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Author: Dr. Ben

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