Day # 3 “Someone Else Knows…”

Welcome to Day #3!

Yesterday we covered the one key barrier you must release to heal.

Today we’ll continue with a brief note on an “antidote” to
feeling like you never have enough information…

…like there’s always something else you need to know…

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This morning as I sat at the table with my wife Rachelle
eating Miso soup and salmon with cabbage (very tasty!), she
shared a phrase that jumped out at me–she said she was so
glad to be free of the constant feeling that:

Someone else knows…

In other words, she used to always feel like she had to find
the “right” information–what to eat, how to prepare it, etc…
and that “someone else” knew these answers, and she had to learn
them to do things “right”…

We have indeed gained a lot of valuable insights and information
from various resources over the years, yet Rachelle is now
resting in the contentment that she now knows what she wants,
and can gently walk from moment to moment and day to day with
curiosity, joy, and gratitude without the feeling of striving
for something she doesn’t know…

How about you?

Whether it’s finding answers for your health, what to eat, or
for your relationships or business, have you taken a few moments
to stop and ask yourself what you already know?

This may not be an “informational” knowledge, but more an
intuitive, inward knowing.

Take some time to listen to and rest in that inner voice, that
inner knowing today, and walk forward with curiosity, joy, and
gratitude for what this day will bring.


Well, there you go.

The antidote to getting caught up in the “frenzy” of
“never enough” information is to take a few moments each
day–when you first awaken, during a walk, or at the end of the
day–to pause and reflect on what you already know, and listen
to that inner voice of intuition.

This is the path of “listening” and of “wisdom” that goes beyond
mere “information gathering” and leads to peace and freedom from
“never enough”.

Have you ever been caught up in the “frenzy” of information overload?

Let me know your own experiences, solutions, and response to today’s
lesson in the comments below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Ben

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15 thoughts on “Day # 3 “Someone Else Knows…””

  1. I just came back from a conference tonight where I received so much new information that it left me in complete assimilation overload. I was able to recognize that what I needed was the quiet space to take in the new information and let it settle. I thinki that often the problem for me is that I get the information but I do not have the opportunity to process it before I add new information. Knowledge need to be brought in and incorporated, bombardment usually results in the dumping of valuable topics.
    I also feel like my foundation of knowledge is very good. Now I am in an era of updates for awhile. A time to let things settle, be incorporated and find some center space.

  2. right now with so many new things happening in my life, i find it hard to concentrate on any one thing. i don’t know how to calm myself to be able to concentrate on any one thing. I have to learn how to deal with one thing at a time.

  3. Sometimes we “open a door” to evaluate many things at once…then choosing one area to focus and progress in in particular can be a powerful next step!

    Dr. Ben

  4. Thanks Ben! I have wrestled all my life with this one. Recently it has been slipping away. Last night as I was seeking for how to get my house transformed I could feel inner stirrings that told me that soon, with God’s guidance I will know what to do. I can be at peace. The answer will always come when it is time to act on it, or prepare to act on it, if there are obstacles that have to be removed first. God really is faithful to guide us daily if we take the time to focus on Him and seek and obey. I am learning that gratitude is the material from which new possibilities emerge. THANKS SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!! love, pat

  5. Information overload is part of todays day to day world — it is quite by their design,those who mold and control you — the best thing going is freedom of choice — yes — your choice not to feed the system 24 and 7 but to go within to channel within ones own self while in expaned states of consciousness — taping into the intellect of spirit where the answer to all questions are found —

    Chuck Harrison
    Eagle’s Nest

  6. Thank you for this lesson! I work in the field of science and there all the time new information emerges and a lot of new publications come out every day. So I have actually felt that I cannot comprehend all of that information, what I have felt I would like to. I now realise, that I don’t need to know all that. It is more like when I come to the point of needing to know something, I can look for that and find out about it then. I don’t need to know everything now.
    I also feel like I have quite some of knowledge for living inside me. And I find that to be far more important than all the knowledge for my work.

  7. This reminds me of a saying that I once heard but applied differently, “What you need you already have within you.” Taking the information of listening to the inner voice makes more sense because we already have acquired so much valuable information that too much information and searching distracts us from our true mission. We need to search within ourselves for a deeper understanding of what is important to us and what goals we will achieve instead of being on a quest for things we cannot obtain. I, too, have always been very inquisitive and have always wanted to know all the information now. This is a very important lesson for me. Thanks you so much!

  8. Well, you’re three for three! It is uncanny how what is being said is what I need to hear. I have been forgetting that in the past whenever there was something I needed, if I would just look around, I’d find out I already had it. But I have never learned to live as your sweet Rachael. (“Rachelle is now resting in the contentment that she now knows what she wants,
    and can gently walk from moment to moment and day to day with curiosity, joy, and gratitude without the feeling of striving for something she doesn’t know…”)

    Resting in the contentment of knowing…

    …a condition much to be desired.

    Thanks again,

  9. As I was reading this ‘antidote’, I realized this is something I’ve acquired in the last year or so. The ability to be content and at peace in my own skin…not searching for something or someone. Confidence in the knowledge that I am the one that has the answers to my questions… I read a poem somewhere a long time ago, and an excerpt is “grow your own garden instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers…”. I really appreciate today’s message.
    Thank you,

  10. Hi Ben,
    I was worried when I started the business that I didn’t know enough. It held me back because I was afraid of making mistakes. Then I decided to just MOVE FORWARD and step into my fears. Then they disappeared. I realized that I had all I needed to move forward and when I did it was a feeling of joy and accomplishment. I am now ready to face any challenge and to help my business partners do the same.
    Thank you for your guidance and reassurance.

  11. Dr Ben
    I grew up with learning that there was never enough. My parents were at a constant fear of not enough although when I look back I’ve never seen us have to struggle for a thing I brought this into myadulthood the perception of there’s never going to be enough and when I have looked back at my old adulthood there is always been plenty. life has always been plenty plentiful. I have never had to go without. my life is full of abundance.

  12. Chloe, Diane, and Charlene, just realized I missed replying to your comments — glad this message blessed you, and thank you for sharing your own experiences and shifts in perspective. We can all become powerful reminders to each other of “how to see.” One of my favorite phrases recently has been “sapere vedere” or “knowing how to see” from Leonardo Da Vinci as described in Kevin Hall’s excellent book Aspire.

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