Can you really rebuild cartilage, and is something medically “irreversible” truly “irreversible”?

Okay, I’ve been reviewing the questions I received from many of you over the past couple weeks, and I’ve decided to begin with both a PDF download which you can download here (right-click and choose “Save Target As”), or you can read the same article below…

I’ve pulled out one question to begin with:

“Can you really rebuild cartilage?”

And I’ve broadened it so I can address principles that can benefit all of you–whether your question is loss of cartilage, or something else that you wonder if it’s possible to change or improve.

So let’s begin with, what does your “diagnosis”, or lab test, or condition really mean?

What if you have something “permanent” or “irreversible”–what does that mean for you?

Let’s start with this key thought that I’ve shared on the blog regarding the difference between the “facts” and the “truth”:

Firstly, whatever your diagnosis, condition, or lab tests show right now–they’re stil just a “signpost” along the way showing you the path you’re on.

Yes, if nothing changes, you may experience all that that signpost is telling you.

But here’s the thing.

Change your patterns, change the direction you’re heading, change the path you’re on, even a little bit, and you can end up with a very different experience.

Your current condition, and any “tests” that are done, merely show a “snapshot” in time of what’s happening at this moment.

Doctors, and patients themselves, often use these tests and diagnoses to “predict” what’s coming down the road, and many times they’re correct if nothing is done to change the direction you’re heading.

But what’s often left out is any hope or belief that you could actually change.

A medical diagnosis and opinion can tell you the best that medicine can predict, or has to offer, but we al know or have read or heard of people who “beat the odds” and did something that was not thought possible.

So you can choose either to live within the limits that your diagnosis and medical prognosis give you and expect to experience just what “everyone” else does, or you can take your diagnosis and condition–such as a loss of cartilage–simply as a starting point, a marker like a street sign or a spot on a map of where you are today…and you don’t have to stay there unless you choose to…

Now I know this question was initially triggered by wondering what to believe with all the marketing that we see around us for special cures and natural therapies.

Are you ready for the answer on that?

The single biggest factor in your healing is YOU…not which special liquid, supplement, medicine, or treatment you take.

Now that might sound strange since I also market a particular line of quality supplements.

And before we go further, here’s two quick keys on anything you decide to “do” or “take”:

#1)  Whatever you do or take, you want something that’s not harmful.

(though if you really want to know, even that’s not absolute–there are cases where a person’s own belief and well-being overcame even toxic exposures to something so that there was no harmful effect.)

#2)  Many substances purified or extracted from nature have been shown to have a consistently beneficial effect on the body and can act as a substrate, or a catalyst, for further healing in your body.

But again, the biggest factor is YOU.

The more you’re feeling good, living in appreciation, learning to love yourself and embrace each new day, and give thanks for the air you breathe, the sunshine, the food and water you eat and drink and enjoy, and any supplements or even medicine that you take, the more you’re “tuned in” to receiving the maximum benefit from whatever you do,and “tuned away” from possible harm.

In fact, the above paragraph is so key, I encourage you to read it again and really ponder it today.  If there was one paragraph from this article that could have the biggest impact on your health and your life, it would be that one.

You become the “magnifier”, if you will, of anything you do.

Let me say that again.

You become the “magnifier” of anything you do.

Why else do you think that virtually every medicine, supplement, or treatment does not have the same beneficial effect in everyone; and that alternatively, “sugar pills” or placebos can have a very real, physical effect in someone who believes they’re getting something that will help them?

So with all this said, some of you may say, “Well then I’m not going to do anything or take anythying that’s supposed to be good for me, because none of it’s real and it’s  all just in my head.”

But hold on a minute.

How does that feel?

If you’re saying that because you feel great, you love life, you love and enjoy the food you eat and the water you drink, then you may be right on track for you, (though I’d still recommend a quality supplement 🙂 unless you’re a super organic eater or have so much enthusiasm and joy in life that virtually every breath nourishes you…)

Otherwise, if you’re saying this because you feel disillusioned or discouraged, then you’re not going to be better off.

In short, pick something you feel good about–because it makes sense to you, it feels right, and then as you give thanks for it and continue to practice being joyful, grateful, and enthusiastic about life (for many of us this does take practice 🙂 ), you’ll magnify the good in whatever you’re taking or doing, and you’ll receive very real and tangible benefit from it!

And yes, there are things in nature and nutrition that do have a definite and measurable effect on the body….

Just like we all need to eat and drink, and we all need to breathe—because no matter how spiritual we are, we all do have a physical experience through our bodies, and that part of us can directly benefit from nutritious food, beneficial supplements, pure air and water, and so on.

But because of the spiritual, or non-physical, side of us, which is potentially much more powerful than our bodies alone—we can magnify or block some or even all of the effects of what we eat, drink, or do by our own beliefs and feelings.

So if you can’t get the purest water right now, your own attitude of gratitude and joy each day will offset many of the effects of the water (study any of Masaru Emoto’s popular books on water for more on this); and conversely, even the purest water will not overcome a sour daily attitude…

So what does this mean for you?

This is why in my Foundational Wellness Program I start off with three very concrete steps:

1)  Color—Eat smaller amounts of food more often, and get as much color—particularly from fruits and vegetables—as you can.

2)  Move—be sure to move at least 10 minutes a day.  Go for a walk, do some jumping jacks, dance to some music, or play tag with your kids.  Once you master this, begin increasing the time or adding multiple times throughout the day.

3)  Get on a quality multivitamin, mineral, and antioxidant supplement and an omega three fish oil supplement to optimize your nutrition.

These steps are simple and very doable, and yet they can have a powerful effect on your health.  When you combine these “physical” steps with practicing a daily attitude of appreciation, joy, and thanksgiving, you’ve got a powerful combination that is much more potent than all the individual “treatments” or “cures” you may try or take.

That said, when a part of you is out of balance and you have a  specific symptom that’s troubling you, there are indeed specific steps that can help “get you back on track” quickly—including many natural “cures” and supplements…

Could you get well without them?

Yes, absolutely!

But could some of these things help boost you on your way to healing even before you discover all the ways to shift your mind-body dynamic?

Again, yes—and therein lies their value to you.

So in answer to the question, “Can you really rebuild cartilage?”, my answer is always, “Anything is possible,” and now that we’ve opened the door of possibility which standard medicine so often tends to close, let’s begin opening doors to new patterns—both within (our attitude and what we think and say to ourselves) and without (what we do or “take”) to catalyze and “trigger” new results.

For more specific recommendations and guidelines for heatlhy eating, water, supplementation, superfoods, and more, watch for further Dr. Ben letters (or review past ones if you’ve been getting these for awhile), or you can jump straight to my Foundational Wellness Program and Your Journey To Wellness.  For more on changing your patterns, you can read the article on the blog here.

Lastly, since I know many of you have personal situations you’d like direct guidance on, I’m about to open up spots for a special “Get Back On Track With Your Health” one-on-one coaching call that’s specially designed to give you results with the Dr. Ben system and that will be very affordable for virtually anyone.

So stay tuned, and let me know your own comments, questions, and feedback below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Ben

Author: Dr. Ben

I'm a doc who was gone in the office, then found a way to be home with my wife and now 7 kids, while making a difference in people's lives around the globe. I love good books, adventures with my family, dark chocolate with coconut, & empowering moms & dads to create a business and ultimately, a life they love. Learn more at or contact me directly at . I look forward to connecting with you!

6 thoughts on “Can you really rebuild cartilage, and is something medically “irreversible” truly “irreversible”?”

  1. Thank you for confirming my thinking that exercise has a great deal to do with longevity. I look forward to your E-mails, they help a great deal, with changing some old thinking around.

  2. Glad you’re enjoying these, Dyana, and that they’re contributing to changes in your thinking–which can lead to new experiences and results!

  3. Dr. Ben, thanks again, as always, you’ve come throught for us again. This blog and article fits my needs so much this morning. I am a very spiritual person, and I do believe, much in the natural healing of the body. I also believe and know without a doubt, of how powerful the mind is and how ones positive thinking, along deep belief in themselves, clearing the mind of all the negativity, and mainly not just thing it but, begin to put it to action,can be so powerful in the end outcome of what we achieve. WOW! What a motivation this has been for me this morning. You information is such confirmation of everything that I believe in. As always, Thank you again, Dr. Ben.

  4. Wonderful! So glad you’re anchoring what’s here for you, Ethel, and love hearing your feedback! That energy of appreciation will keep you in sync with the well-being that’s flowing to you!

  5. ‘m Quebec (I write in English by a translation service). Well, I just know that I do a lot of cervical osteoarthritis. I also suffer from the age of 18 anemia and probably fibromyalgia (I am now 46 years old). I bring improvements in my health and I think that makes me have seizures healing, is this possible?? Old pain returned and new ones appear, like crunches and excruciating pain in his knees. I also suffer from a strange state influenza for more than two weeks. I also suffers from fatigue even greater. But I see the benefits through this. I do not have the patteuse language and I have less yellow complexion etc … I believe that the suffering I endure now is caused by the release of too many toxins in my body, it is able to eliminate them. In any case, I believe the future healing of my body: osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and company. If my mother successful (in the 80s through supplements and the strength of his mind) to regenerate her thyroid medicine had burned radioactive iodine, to the amazement of her doctor, I believe we can also regenerate our cartilages.

    That’s it.


  6. Hi Chantale, sounds like your mother has had a remarkable experience, and yes, your beliefs and attitude, combined with healthy steps, can have a powerful effect on your health and healing!

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