Getting off meds, your beliefs, and Law of Attraction…

Today I want to touch on one key to transforming your health—your belief.

And to start with something specific and measurable that affects many people, let’s talk about your belief as it applies to your own experience of:

1)  Medications—prescription or over-the-counter

2)  Chronic pain

3)  Chronic fatigue

4)  Trouble sleeping

One of the fastest and most powerful ways to transform your experience is to start addressing your belief.

What do you believe about your condition?

What do you believe is possible for you?

Change your beliefs, and you start changing the path of experience you’re on.

Add your comments below on:

1) What area of your health would you most like to see changed?

2) What are your current beliefs about your condition and the possibility of change?

I look forward to hearing from you, and enjoy the posts below! 

Dr. Ben
Maximize your health in minimum time.

P.S.  Just read the 3rd free online lesson from SOGR on the Law of Attraction (You can get your own free 7-lesson series at upper right here.)

This 3rd lesson gives two key techniques—one you’re likely familiar with, but because it’s so obvious, you may not actually be intentionally practicing it on a daily basis, and the second may surprise you—with a great story and several applications to “major” life situations.  It’s called the “Energy Redirection” technique.  When you read the lesson, I’d love to hear your own examples of redirecting energy in this way!

Author: Dr. Ben

I'm a doc who was gone in the office, then found a way to be home with my wife and now 7 kids, while making a difference in people's lives around the globe. I love good books, adventures with my family, dark chocolate with coconut, & empowering moms & dads to create a business and ultimately, a life they love. Learn more at or contact me directly at . I look forward to connecting with you!

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