Embracing your imperfections…

Recently a close friend sent me this video, which is emotional and moving.

Then just this past week, I watched it again during a leadership training event with a good friend and mentor, Artemis Limpert, and she gave a particular perspective that made this video even more poignant, and moved me to share it with you here.

As you watch this, rather than just being a “spectator” and seeing this as something curious and unusual though impressive, try watching it with this thought in mind:

What if you could learn to embrace your own imperfections…making them part of your story, part of your “humanness”…

We all probably have things about ourselves we don’t like…whether physical or something less tangible and non-physical.

 What if we could learn to embrace even those parts of ourselves–or our “journey” through them–and make them part of our story so that no only do we find triumph and joy, but we bless others as well?

Embracing our imperfections…keep this in mind as you watch this video, then let me know your own impressions in the comments below!  (Be sure to have your sound on…the music is a key part!)

Dr. Ben

Author: Dr. Ben

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5 thoughts on “Embracing your imperfections…”

  1. very powerful, it is humbling knowing that some people can take what others consider a problem and turn it into something beautiful.

  2. It is incredible what people can do when they are seemingly without while the rest of us, with everything, grouse about what we dont have.

  3. It was the most amazing, beautiful, inspiring, & touching way of embracing being differently abled through dance.

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