How To Get Your Subconscious to Work For You

Want a quick tip for getting more done with less effort? Here’s a bonus that’s had a profound impact in my own life and could make a key difference for you. This is a fun way to get your subconscious mind to work for you so you can manifest with more ease and with less dependence on raw willpower.

Try it today — and let me know your own experiences in the comments below.


How Do Others Feel After They Interact With You?

Here’s a tribute to a key mentor and something very special I observed and learned from him that we can all put into practice to bless others, surround ourselves with possibility, and create a life we love.

Whether you’re working with patients, clients or customers, business partners, family, ministry partners, a home business, or any other arena where you interact with people, here’s a key question to ask:

How do others feel after they interact with you?

May Mayer’s example be an inspiration to us all.

P.S. Is there someone in your life who’s been an example and inspiration to you? Feel free to share your own stories and tributes in the comments below. If you’ve created your own video tribute, would love to see it!

Goals Day 8 Two Traits to Cultivate For Long-Term Success

Continuing our daily series on Goals, or How To Manifest What You Want With More Ease This Year, here’s Day 8: Two key traits to cultivate for long-term success.


Goals Day 7 How to Raise Your Internal State

Goals Day 7 How to cultivate — and raise — your internal state, with two key questions to ask yourself daily.

Have fun with this — the results can be profound.

Goals Day 4 – Put It On the Calendar

Day 4 on Goals and creating what you want at a whole new level this year. Today we add another strategy, and a new way of looking at the key actions that move your life and business forward. Feel free to share you own insights, questions, and experiences in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you! Enjoy!

Goals Day 3 – How To Create What You Want: Mini-Tasks

Day 3 on Goals and creating what you want at a whole new level. Today we add another strategy — “mini-tasks”. This single strategy can have a huge impact on your progress this week, this month, and this year. Enjoy!

Goals Day 2 — How To Create What You Want – Fuel & Strategy

Today we continue with adding fuel and strategy to your goals to create what you want. Feel free to share your own comments, experiences, and questions in the comments below. Enjoy!

Upgrade Your Thinking Each Day

Here’s a one minute video tip for home business, network marketing, and direct sales entrepreneurs, and really anyone who wants to create a new level of results in their business or their life. Often we focus on working harder or longer, but that alone can lead to burnout and at some point we at least experience a plateau.

What I’ve found is key is to combine action with upgrading our thinking each day — here’s the first of two one-minute videos to that end. Enjoy!

P.S. If you’re someone who has a bigger vision for your life and you’re looking for a business vehicle with strong partners and mentoring, check out An Invitation To Partner¬†or message me directly on Facebook.