Upgrade Your Thinking Each Day

Here’s a one minute video tip for home business, network marketing, and direct sales entrepreneurs, and really anyone who wants to create a new level of results in their business or their life. Often we focus on working harder or longer, but that alone can lead to burnout and at some point we at least experience a plateau.

What I’ve found is key is to combine action with upgrading our thinking each day — here’s the first of two one-minute videos to that end. Enjoy!

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A “New” Definition of Success

My wife shared this wonderful affirmation from a card on her
desk with me this morning, “Success Is About the Joy I Feel”.

Reminded me of some reflections the past few days as we’ve
just moved into a wonderful new home –- some of our friends
and business partners have been calling it our “dream home”,
and it is indeed the next phase of manifesting a new chapter —
and space, both literally and figuratively –- in our lives.

But what I’ve noticed after moving into our new home, and with
this affirmation in particular giving me the words to express it
–- is that we carry our joy with us…and within us…

If we depend on a new home or some other “outer” thing or
circumstance to bring us joy, we may be setting ourselves up
for disappointment –- because when the newness wears off, we
may find ourselves even worse off than before, because what
we’ve been working toward doesn’t bring the lasting joy we
thought it would…

Conversely, if we realize we carry our joy within us –- and we
practice finding appreciation, joy, and wonder wherever we are –-
then we can move into new spaces and new situations and
fully enjoy them…while not depending on them for our joy.

So here’s to finding joy in your journey, and to creating more and
more joy around you because you realize you carry your joy within you.

And here’s to wonderful new “spaces” and new experiences for you
in the days ahead!

Dr. Ben

Rachelle's Desk
Rachelle's desk in our new home

How Twitter Has Enhanced My Business…& Enriched My Life.

I remember reading about Twitter a few years ago in an alumni magazine from MIT…and
the speculation as to whether people would really use it…and find it useful…

I now talk regularly with people who have hundreds of thousands of followers,
as well as sometimes with people who wonder what Twitter is all about…and again,
whether it’s truly useful.

While many enjoy Twitter for personal use — a source of connecting with people and
exchanging ideas and interests — I also know many who seek to use it as a business tool.

As I sit here listening to a Mozart piano concerto on my i-pod while typing (a great way
to “tune out” a noisy environment and focus :)), I’ve found Twitter to be an amazing tool
for connecting, for creating new relationships – often with people I never would have “met”
otherwise – and for sharing resources and ideas. In addition, Twitter has been a direct tool
for expanding my business — though still through the process of connecting and the
exchange of ideas and resources rather than “advertising” or “marketing” through twitter.

So to begin, I’ve used Twitter as a tool to “meet” new people, and to begin
new relationships.

When I find someone with similar passions or interests, or who’s shared something
on twitter of particular interest or impact to me, I often see if I can at first
engage them by an exhange of “tweets”.

Next, periodically I reach out to a person and see if I can “meet” them briefly
by phone. This allows another level of connection beyond what can be established
in 140 character tweets, and adds another dimension to the exchange of tweets
in the future.

Here’s a few examples of where this practice has led…

Through Twitter I’ve had the privilege of “meeting” and then getting to know
Dr. Mollie Marti, periodically exchanging ideas and resources that impact both
our personal and professional lives, and in particular, I’ve had the chance to
get to know her mentor through her eyes via her wonderful book Walking With Justice,
which now has a special place in our family library, and from which I read
to my family periodically.

Next, when our daughter Emmanuelle recorded her song “Night of Our Lives”,
I found that sharing it with people I’d built a specific connection with on Twitter
led to its being shared well beyond my own circles (and many shared on Facebook
as well, which is a whole other arena for building connections).

Lastly, here’s two examples for how Twitter has directly helped me expand my business:

First, in the process of building relationships with people, I’ve been able to connect
some of them with solutions my business could offer that were of personal interest to

Second, I’ve had the privilege of meeting Dr. Fern Kazlow (aka “Dr. K”). Our “paths”
crossed on Twitter, and after reading her story on the website she had at the time,
I decided she was someone I wanted to meet. So I picked up the phone and called
her directly.

Over the next few months we engaged in an ongoing business dialog which has since
developed into a major partnership, opening up a whole new world of people,
business connections, and experiences that have blessed us both…and many others
through us.

So there you have it — how Twitter has enhanced my business, and enriched my life.

I hope these brief examples may trigger some steps you can take, whether it’s with
Twitter, or some other mode of expanding your connections with people.  And a special
“thank you” to all the wonderful people who’ve crossed my path, and with whom I’ve
had a chance to personally connect both through & beyond Twitter.

I guess the bottom line is that behind every tool and piece of technology, remember
there’s a person…and it’s ultimately connecting with people…and building relationships
that lead to enriching each others’ lives…including our businesses if
we have one…that’s the greatest reward.


Dr. Ben

P.S. If you’ve been using Twitter, feel free to share how you’ve used it and what
the biggest benefits you’ve found to be in the comments below – I look forward to
hearing from you!

Creating Results — Is your “left” brain jumping to conclusions?

(March 2016 update:  the use of “left” brain and “right” brain in the discussion below is more conceptual than strictly anatomical, though for this discussion, they’re the best terms I have for describing what many people experience.)

imageNow just before we get started…this post is a little longer…but if you really grasp what’s here, it could totally change your results…and your life.

This post is particularly for those of you looking to create a level of results beyond what you’re experiencing now –- such as more income, better health, a new relationship, or something else that isn’t actually “visible” right now. In fact, I include an example from each of these areas  below.

So let’s begin.

Just like Gay Hendricks’ “Upper Limit Problem” in the last post,
this is a phenomenon that we can all get caught up in if we’re not
aware of it…

…but once we’re aware, this “spell” loses it’s power.

What spell is that?

It’s the spell of believing the conclusions that our “left” brain
constantly wants to make for us.

And here’s why it’s a trap –- because our “left” brain –- even though it’s very powerful when used appropriately — has a very limited databank from which to draw it’s conclusions.  Namely,
it tends to base it’s conclusions only on past experience…and what it can “see” right now.

So by definition, if you want to create a result in your life that
goes beyond anything you’ve ever created or experienced so far,
your “left” brain’s predictions and conclusions are not going to be
very useful or valid.

And here’s the catch –- that’s not going to stop your “left” brain
from drawing conclusions and feeding them to you very conclusively!

Now what does this all mean and why can this be so deadly?

Let’s say you’re building your own network marketing team and your goal this year…or the next 90 days…or even this month and this week…is beyond what you’ve ever created so far.

At first you may start out with enthusiasm, because you’ve got a
fresh goal and are taking fresh action.

But sooner or later your left brain starts jumping from “execute” mode — following the plan you’ve given it –- to “conclude” mode –- where it’s jumping to conclusions based on the limited data it has to go on so far –- your past or current experience.

Now just like the “upper limit problem” –- if you’re not aware, you can easily give in to these conclusions –- that you’re not going to make it because the first 5 people said “no”…and that “one” you were really hoping would sign up, didn’t…and even though you’ve got a whole week ahead of you and a big connection may be just around the corner, if you “listen” to your “left” brain’s premature conclusions, what will you do?

You’ll likely change your attitude, belief, and expectations…and do you think that affects your actions and interactions with people…and ultimately could affect whether you take action at all?

Ever hear of “self-fulfilling prophecy”?

Letting your “left” brain rule you rather than serve you is one way this can happen – and it can happen in any area of your life.

This is powerful in health especially when your “left” brain and the doctor’s “predictions” – i.e., diagnosis and prognosis – line up to give you what seems to be a very narrow bandwidth of possibilities for you to experience and explore.  And as your “left” brain looks around at the apparent “evidence” of other authorities and other people’s experiences who were also “ruled” by the premature conclusions of their “left” brain, it can cause you to shut down and not explore possibilities of wellness and healing that may at the moment seem out of reach.

How about in relationships?

Ever since childhood, I dreamed of having a wonderful partner in life. I remember after my first year of medical school, just before heading home for the summer, wondering whether or not I already knew the person I was going to marry.  Then my “left” brain started calculating.

If I didn’t know the person and had yet to meet them, how many years would it take to get to know them and then get married?

I started getting discouraged.

Ever feel that way about something important to you that you don’t yet “see” in your life?

Well, eventually I pushed my “left” brain aside and realized I just had to keep stepping forward –- I went home for the summer, and ended up meeting Rachelle, the woman who’s now become my wife of 17 years and partner on one amazing adventure after another, including bringing 6 wonderful kids into the world.
(March 2016 update: now almost 23 years & 7 kids!)

Was there a journey to be walked and some ups and downs along the way?


Has it been worth it?


And it just keeps getting better and better!

But if I had listened overmuch to my “left” brain’s attempt at analysis based on “present observations”, and to it’s “conclusions”, I could have made myself miserable unnecessarily — or worse, altered my course and the very actions that led to what I was looking for but couldn’t yet “see”.

How about other areas of your life?

The same patterns occur.

No matter what you’re doing, sooner or later your “left” brain likes to “take stock,” measure, and draw conclusions.

Now there’s nothing wrong with taking stock and measuring — it’s the drawing of conclusions based on these limited measurements that gets you.

So in short –- what are you to do?

First –- use your “left” brain for what it’s good at –- executing a plan.  One that you choose and give to your “left” brain to carry out.

Second –- be aware that your “left” brain is automatically going to try to draw conclusions and make predictions based on any data it has –- namely your past experiences and what you can see and measure at this moment.


Third –- don’t buy in to the conclusions your “left” brain makes.  You can thank it for “commenting” and then hold fast to your vision, your inner knowing, what you’re choosing to create that’s beyond what’s already there –- all of which come from places other than your analyzing and concluding “left” brain.

(Hint –- a big part involves your “right” brain and what it connects you to…but that’s a whole other discussion perhaps for another time.)

Now here’s a suggestion –- ponder this “left” brain tendency to “jump to conclusions” based on what you can “see”, and observe your own tendencies this week.

Then mark a time on your calendar to come back to this post in about 7 days, and leave your own insights and experiences in the comments below.

You’re already starting on a new path –- a new level of consciousness and awareness –- that could totally change your life.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Ben


Subconscious “Programming” – 5 Key Ways to Change Yours

ben-lo-tsf-slider1I recently saw a video (I’ll give you the link below)  that speaks profoundly to
how our mind works – and how much influence it has on what we experience
– in our health, our money, and virtually all areas of our lives – and in particular,
why it’s so hard to change our results
with positive thinking or affirmations alone.

The video was part of an educational series leading up to a virtual “summit”
on a specific mind-body technique called “EFT”. I’m mentioning it here
because this particular talk from
cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton is so impactful in its own right.
(just fast-forward through the intro if that becomes distracting.  The actual discussion with Dr. Lipton is fascinating.)

Whether the idea that your health and your life may be being
run by subconscious programs you’re generally not aware of is
a new one for you, or you have long experience with this idea,
Dr. Lipton’s particular discussion, insights, and analogies create
particularly powerful connections that will get your mind going
and potentially open new doors of possibility for you.

Because the video is so provocative, I’m going to briefly list
several steps you can take right away to “change the programming”
or “tape” that Dr. Lipton discussess.  You’ll realize you already
know or have access to most or all of these, but may not be
practicing them at the level you could be.

But before I give you the list, take a moment now to mark on
your calendar a specific time to view the 30 minute video –
ideally within the next 24 hours.  If you at least write down
a specific time to watch it, you’re more likely to actually do
it.  I’ve
already watched it twice – the second time with my wife & two
oldest kids, and we still talk about it.

OK.  Here’s the list.

5 ways to “change the tape” or the “programs” your subconscious
is running:

1)  The first step is Awareness.  The video of Dr. Bruce Lipton will
definitely heighten your awareness of the unconscious programs,
or patterns, that may be running your health and your life – and
the fact that you can change them. The power of no longer feeling
a victim to what “happens” to you…and to what others say and do,
or don’t do, is a BIG first step.

2)  Practice different thoughts.  What does this mean?  We all
have patterns, habitual ways, of thinking about and reacting to
people, situations, and even ourselves, and many of these may no
longer be serving us and the results we now desire to create in
our health, our money, our relationships, or some other area
of our lives.

How do you pick more empowering thoughts? (ones that serve you
better now)?

The first step here is to pay attention to how you feel when
you’re on a particular train of thought – if you’re feeling
constricted, depressed, angry, or powerless – in other words,
feeling “bad” – pick a different “train”!

How do you do that?

20151031_101706One of the best ways is to ask yourself a question – what I
call a “door-opening” question.

Even one as simple as “what’s a thought that feels better?”

“How could I look at this in a more empowered way?”

In other words, you’re asking yourself a question that you
may not yet have an answer to, but it opens a door for you,
rather than closing a door with a question such as “why do
I always do that?”

Feel the difference?

Asking yourself a door-opening question puts your mind
to work looking for new answers and connections, and is
a powerful technique.

3)  Meditation – some may call this meditative or listening “prayer”.
Sitting quietly even for just 15 min’s/day is enough for most people
to “pause” the “busy-ness” of their lives and their recurring,
automatic thought-patterns — to begin to “listen” inwardly and
to become more aware, conscious, and purposeful about the thoughts
they’re choosing and what they’re choosing to focus on in their
lives.  This can even be a great way to get back in touch with
what’s really important to you and to make key decisions that
alter the course of your relationships and your life.  But it
won’t happen if you’re constantly consumed with the “busy-ness”
of your day and the automatic habits that currently run your life.

Note:  my wife reminded me this morning that she enters a very
creative state when playing the piano – and many have described
a meditative-like state while engaged in music, art, running, or
sports…which leads to the next step…

Get your body involved.

The next 2 steps include physical action on your part:

4)  *Move daily* — get your body, your heart rate, and your breathing
going at a higher level at least 10 and ideally 20 min’s day,
preferably early in your day.  This sets your physiology on a course
that can continue to benefit you throughout your day, and one
recent personal development program has wisely pointed out that this
practice can raise your “vibration” and enhance the effectiveness
of everything else you do!  The general rate for this level of
aerobic exercise is to move at a pace that increases your heart rate
and breathing, but at which you could still hold a conversation. For
many a brisk walk, jumping on a rebounder, riding a bike, or even
marching vigorously around the house is sufficient.

5) EFT – or “Emotional Freedom Technique” – this is a technique that
involves both your mind and your body – with physical action on your
part that’s related to accupressure points – that can quickly
“rewrite” the “tapes”, or programs, that you’re currently running
unconsciously.  I continue to use this technique to rapidly shift
how I feel and the direction of my own mind-body patterns, and this
is the technique that the Dr. Bruce Lipton video refers to and you can
get more info through that link.

So there you have it – 5 ways to “change the tape” or the “programs”
your subconscious is running.

And lastly, remember the power of compounding simple but effective
steps done daily over time.

Now if you haven’t seen the video, set a time to watch it here:
Dr. Bruce Lipton video.

Then choose one or more of the above steps to start practicing
this week.

And if you’ve already been using one or more – let me know what
you’ve personally found most effective and what results you’ve
experienced in the comments below.

Have another technique that’s worked for you?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Ben

What are you “affirming” today?


By now we’ve pretty much all heard about using “affirmations”
to attempt to change ourselves and our lives.

But how many of us realize we’re actually affirming things
to ourselves, to others, to God, to the universe all the time?

“I don’t feel good.”

“I never have enough money.”

“Something was bound to happen.”

“You’re going to drive your mother crazy.”

“I shouldn’t eat this.”

“This will make me fat.”

“You never listen to me.”

Are you starting to realize some things you may be “affirming”
daily without realizing it?

Here’s an intriguing thought from Carol Tuttle on money –

“Money obeys us in that whatever we believe about money is
what we will receive in our experience with money.”

Not the way most of us usually think about money.

But what if it’s true?

What if this were also true of your body and your health?

Of your relationships with others?

This doesn’t have to contradict your belief in God or your
particular religious faith, but rather points to the power
you have — the power God has given you — to allow or
disallow something to be true in your own experience.

So what are you affirming…what are you choosing…today?

Here’s to some door-opening “discoveries” & new, purposefully
chosen experiences for you in the coming year!

Dr. Ben

Is Your “Identity” Holding You Back?

IDENTITY One of the things I often encounter when interviewing someone who wants to create income in a new arena (such as network marketing), is a fear of moving beyond their current identity and status. This fear, or dilemma if you will, is one that anyone can encounter who’s being called beyond where they are now, especially if they’ve spent years developing skills, a reputation, and achievement in a certain arena, or even if they’ve simply gotten comfortable with what’s already familiar and what they already know how to do.

So today regardless of your background – whether you’re an at-home mom or dad; a student, a teacher, or an employee; an author speaker, or coach; an athlete or artist; or a business owner or professional; or something else – here’s my question for you:

Are you being called – do you have a desire – to create and contribute beyond the current professional or personal identity and role that you’re in?

And if so, do you have the courage to step beyond where you are now?

Whether or not it actually manifests as you doing something different,PURPOSE there is a new level of freedom when you’re no longer attached to being seen, appreciated, or needed in a certain way. (Or conversely, no longer limiting yourself with such statements as “I’m just a…” or “I’m not…” These are statements of identity that unconsciously put a lid on how you see yourself, who you could become, and what you could do.)

I remember when being a home-birthing doctor gave me a special relationship within my particular church community – drawing to me relationships, respect, and people seeking advice – and it was a very rich and fulfilling experience. I even remember the wonderful feeling of being appreciated as the “hero” at some difficult births.

Yet there came a point when to expand our practice and serve more people, we began stepping into a partnership with midwives, moving more into a supportive role rather than being the “primary practitioner” at a birth.

At first I felt like something was missing, but I eventually reached an internal place where serving the outcome – a wonderful birth experience for the couple and family – and serving people – was more important than my actual role and recognition in the process.

That became an incredibly freeing transition, and opened up new doors of exploration, creativity, and contribution in life that have eventually led to where I am today.

Some may wonder – what about their degree and years of schooling, or what they’ve invested in their current career or role – and what I’ve discovered for myself is that rather than that being “wasted” or tossed aside – that’s all part of the “ingredient mix” that have gone into who I am today, and that I bring to the table with every interaction in life and business.

Much like a mom or dad who may walk away from years of schooling or professional achievement to be at home for a time, or someone who may choose to go to the mission field or develop another part of themselves and the gifts they can bring to the world – nothing’s ever wasted…it’s all still part of who you are…you’re just no longer letting any of what you’ve already done or achieved define or limit who you are and what you can do.

Two examples of professionals –- who also happen to be a mom, and a dad — that have continued to create beyond the identity and roles they had previously, are Dr. Valencia Ray, a fellow MD and ophthalmologist (“eye doctor”) — who now shows women and professionals how to see beyond their “blind spots”; and Tanveer Naseer, who has a rich technical, business, artistic, and leadership background that he integrates into the coaching and writing he brings forward today.

Another key example is Dr. Fern Kazlow, a holistic practitioner and business coach –- and also a home-schooling mom — who continues to bring forward her gifts in wider and wider arenas.

“Forgetting the things which are behind, and stretching forward to what is before…” (Philippians 3:13) — though given with a deeply spiritual context, this quote conveys a principle that has broad application to all areas of our human experience.

And realize, I’m not necessarily talking about doing something different than you’re doing now, but rather coming from a different place – a place of freedom from attachment to being seen in a certain role or identity – that may open up fresh perspective and possibilities — either within your current work and relationships — or it may indeed lead to new outward forms as well, just as it did for me.


So in closing, let me ask you again – is your identity holding you back, or is it something malleable that you can use as a springboard to greater and greater levels of exploration, development, and contribution?

If you’re willing to create beyond your current identity and step into the exciting “unknown,” it could become a deeply fulfilling – and freeing – journey.

So here’s to the freedom and exhilaration of creating beyond where you are now, and how you see yourself today.

Enjoy the journey!

Dr. Ben

P.S. Are you currently in transition or looking to expand your income or your impact beyond what you’re doing now?
Explore further at Work with Dr. Ben.


Creating beyond what you can see right now…

Many of us experience areas of our life where the changes and
results we want to see aren’t showing yet…

Here’s some thoughts I video’d out on the back deck yesterday
afternoon – the camera is a little jittery – but I believe you’ll
benefit from the content.


And for those of you who like to read, here’s a couple thoughts
I shared in an email with someone I’m mentoring last week that
reflect lessons that I’ve been walking out as well:

Are you familiar with some of the Old Testament stories of the
Children of Israel wandering in the wilderness? Moments when
there seemed to be no water or food, and the next moment when
God brought them water from the rock or manna to feed them?

One of the “tests” of this life is learning to hold and affirm
what’s “true” and “there” even before we see it with our eyes…

The problem is we keep looking at what we can see, getting
discouraged and/or expecting more of the same…and so not much

but at any moment things can change as we shift our expectations,
starting with practicing different thoughts…and affirming and
giving thanks for every little seed and sign along the way – even
when it’s just an idea and a possibility and nothing visible yet –
so it can grow and expand into our actual experience.

Here’s a verse that reflects this profound spiritual principle in
a poetic way, regardless of your particular faith background –

“Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the
word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things
which do appear.” (Hebrews 11:3)

Would love to hear your own stories of holding the vision and
belief of something “not yet seen”…and taking action toward it…
until it manifested in your own experience!

Here’s to your expansion into new possibilities and results this week!

Dr. Ben