As part of the Look Good In Your Dad Jeans program, I’ve loved using a specific line of high quality whey-based vanilla and chocolate protein shakes.   Though a bit “pricier” than your “average” protein powder, I love the shake’s taste and quality of the whey plus special ingredients like tart cherry fruit powder, which plays a key role in inflammatory balance and muscle recovery and makes these one of the best shakes for anyone wanting to exercise.

These shakes are a great way to get the high-quality protein that your muscles need without lots of extra calories.   They also help you reduce your food cravings, and a great tip is to drink one of these shakes before you feel overwhelmed with the craving for something unhealthy 🙂

One of my favorite shake “recipes” is to mix 15 – 30 gm’s (1 -2 scoops) of this high quality whey-based vanilla and chocolate powder in a base of unsweetened almond milk, add a dash of vegan protein powder (made from pea, rice, & chia seed protein), then a rounded tablespoon of crunchy raw almond butter, a dash of raw hemp seeds, some raw cacao powder (for additional antioxidants :)), raw cacao nibs (I love the crunch!), a dash of raw unsweetened shredded coconut (now at Trader Joe’s), and sometimes a single drop of pure peppermint oil.  Simply shake in a shaker bottle, chill further in the freezer if desired, and voilà – you have a delicious, refreshing, and nourishing shake much more satisfying (and healthy) than dessert!

Sometimes I do something similar with a super “green shake” in place of the whey-based shakes above.  Or for a refreshing and healthy “chocolate chip” shake, mix 1 scoop of vanilla shake with unsweetened almond milk and raw cacao nibs.

Want to try one or more of these shakes yourself?  Feel free to click the links above — I’ve arranged for special pricing for you so you can get them at the same price I do.

If you’d like to try the vanilla or chocolate shakes separately first, you can do so here:  vanilla or chocolate, or click the link below for a combo at a special monthly “rewards”price (you can hold or cancel anytime) that also gives you monthly credits you can redeem for additional products in the future.  This brings your cost down substantially and makes these premium quality protein shakes much more affordable.


Dr. Ben