As part of the Look Good In Your Dad Jeans program, we’ve loved using a specific  “green shake” that’s completely vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free.  It includes the following “super” greens:  wheat grass, alfalfa, spirulina, chlorella, beetroot, spinach, and barley, and includes the full spectrum of amino acids not always found in “green drinks”, so is especially good at providing complete protein and supporting muscle.

Now I bet you’re wondering like many do with “super greens” — how does it taste?

We love the taste of this one — and how refreshed and energized we feel after drinking it!

We generally drink it in unsweetened almond milk, although Rachelle sometimes uses hemp milk.

Often we add raw cacao, raw almond butter, and sometimes some raw coconut and cacao nibs.  Alternatively you could mix it with frozen berries.

Lastly, one other special ingredient is tart cherry fruit powder, which plays a key role in inflammatory balance and muscle recovery and makes this one of the best shakes for anyone wanting to exercise.

Want to try this  vegan “super greens” shake yourself?  Feel free to click one of the links on this page — we’ve arranged for special pricing for you so you can get them at the same price we do.


Dr. Ben